LPGA Amateur Golf Association Manatee Chapter
Chapter Policies

Pace of Play

  • Pace of play is always an issue this time of year. Please make a conscious effort to watch your times when you are playing. If you are keeping up with the carts in front of you, there is NO NEED to watch times.
  • Good rule of thumb when playing (tee time or a shotgun start)    
  • After your 4th hole you should be teeing off the 5th hole in less than one hour.
  • After your 9th hole you should be teeing off your 10th hole in 2 hours and 5 minutes. (NO MORE)
  • If you keep your pace up as stated above you should finish in 4 hours and 10 minutes.
  • Who is supposed to put the flag back into the hole when finished? The first person who putted out.
  • How many minutes do you have to hunt for a golf ball? 3 minutes!
  • How to share a golf cart-The driver must know where the other cart persons ball is so you can drop them off or park in the middle of your ball and her ball. Always help with driving if you can.
  • Where should you park your golf cart around the greens? Always park your golf carts as close to the middle of the greens as possible. This way you are not walking backwards to get your golf cart.
  • Enter your scores on the next tee box to keep pace moving.
  • Have fun! If you are playing poorly, get some practice time in so you are not struggling on the course. As always seek Professional help from qualified instructors.