To learn more about the World Handicap System, please click on the link below to watch the great recorded Webinar presented in February 2021 by the LPGA Amateur Handicap Chair. If you would like to read the slides used, you can access at the links below.  Enjoy!!

                2021 Handicap Chair Webinar & Slides

Webinar Recording: 

Slides:  https://lpga.box.com/s/mp6i4tj3eu14azdh1pxdze85ykjp0uo0

All members of the Manatee Chapter will have the opportunity to receive a GHIN handicap through our host course- Tara Golf & Country Club. Currently, members of LPGA Amateurs receive a golfnet handicap.

As most of you know it is very important to keep a handicap because it allows everyone to play on a level playing field.It is especially important when playing in both charity and competitive events. FSGA for example requires a GHIN # and will not allow a GolfNet #. Both are USGA conforming handicaps.

Tara Golf & Country Club has offered our members a GHIN Handicap for $20. If you choose to take this opportunity all questions must be filled out, especially your GolfNet/ handicap ID/ network ID.This number is different than your LPGA Amateurs #.  You can locate your handicap # by following the steps below:

How to find your Handicap ID/ Network ID
  1. Go to and log into www.LPGAAmateurs.com
  2. Click on MY HANDICAP
  3. Click on POST A SCORE
  4. Hover your cursor over SCORE CENTER
  5. Click on SCORING RECORD
  6. Your handicap ID will be located under your
    name. Which reads NETWORK ID, that is the number you will need to fill in the box that's reads Handicap ID on the registration page.
An email will be forthcoming with additional information/links.

Any questions, please contact our Handicap Chairperson Amy Palladino -alpalladino01@gmail.com
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