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USGA:  fantastic videos to see the rules in action

LPGA Amateur Golf Association:    Log into your account and then go to “My Game Development/Rules Corner”

Rules Corner (


The Board has received many requests for rules education other than the PGA rules book. As such, we are providing a list of resources that may be beneficial to our members. We do not endorse one product over another and have no financial tie to any of those cited below. For additional information, please also check out the rules videos that Amy Palladino and Missy Williams produced in this same sub-section below under Rules.

  1. "Easy Guide to The Rules of Golf”, $8.95, Amazon
  2.;  this site has a variety of options from posters to books
  3. Know Your Golf Rules / Golf Rule Bag Tags;  this site has some great options for hang tag sets of rules for quick reference

Use of cell phone apps for golf during competition:

A cell phone may be used in support of your round of golf as long as it does not impact the Pace of Play for the group.

Examples include:

  • GPS rangefinder and scoring
  • Looking-up or confirming a rule during a round of golf as long it does not impact the Pace of Play for the group, e.g., the USGA Rules of Golf App
  • Taking a picture of situations where there might be a question about a ruling (i.e., abnormal ground conditions)
  • Having the phone set up for weather related notifications (i.e., lightning).

A cell phone may not be used to gain an advantage over the field.

Golf Video
: Out of Bounds or Lost Ball
In 2019 the USGA established a new rule to increase speed of play during daily rounds of amateur golf. With an out of bounds or lost ball, you no longer need to take take a provisional all the way back to the tee box. To learn how to take relief from where your ball landed (or from where you think it landed), watch our short video by clicking here.

Golf Video: Relief From the Cart Path
Golfers are entitled to take relief from the cart path when it interferes with one's stance, swing or lie of the ball. Learn the correct way to determine the nearest point of relief by watching this short video (click here).

Golf Video: Relief From Penalty Area (Red Stakes)
When your ball lies in a penalty area, you can play it where it lies or take relief. Click here to view a video of your options.

Golf Clinics

Golf instruction clinics are offered to LPGAA Members by Missy Williams, Golf Professional at Tara Golf & Country Club. The most cup-to-date schedule is sent via email each month and includes instruction on iron  play, drivers, short game techniques, and more. Keep an eye out in your emails for spring clinics and sign up quickly -  they fill up fast! Proper dress required. No jeans or skorts.

For more information, please email Missy at or by clicking  HERE. No phone calls please.

Participation in any LPGA Amateurs Chapter event is strictly voluntary and a personal decision.Members are encouraged to review and follow national, state and local recommendations.




Pace of Play

  • Pace of play is always an issue any time of year, but especially during season. Please make a conscious effort to watch your times when you are playing. If you are keeping up with the carts in front of you, there is NO NEED to watch times.
  • Play "ready golf" whenever safely possible.
  • Good rule of thumb when playing (tee time or a shotgun start): you should be teeing off the 5th hole in less than one hour and teeing off on your 10th hole in 2 hours and 5 minutes. (NO MORE)
  • If you keep your pace up, you should finish in roughly 4 hours and 10 minutes.
  • Who is supposed to put the flag back into the hole when finished? The first person who putted out.
  • How many minutes do you have to hunt for a golf ball? 3 minutes!
  • How to share a golf cart: The driver must know where the other cart person's ball is so you can drop them off or park in the middle of your ball and her ball. Always help with driving if you can.
  • Where should you park your golf cart around the greens? Always park your golf carts on the path as close to the middle of the greens as possible and preferably at the back. This way you will clear the green more quickly allowing the group behind you to hit.
  • Enter your scores on the next tee box to keep pace moving.
  • Have fun! If you are playing poorly, get some practice time in so you are not struggling on the course. As always seek professional help from qualified instructors.
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