Chapter Policies

Policy Name:         Event Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy for Prepaid Events

Approval Date:      March 13, 2023

Effective Date:       March 14, 2023

Purpose:                To provide guidance for reimbursement for event cancellation or requests to withdraw from or cancel from prepaid events.


Event - Any prepaid scheduled golf or social gathering, organized and promoted by the St. Louis Chapter.

Participant - Any member or guest who has registered and paid to participate in an Event.

Registration Fee - The amount paid by a Participant to take part in an Event.

Administration Fee - The amount withheld by the St. Louis Chapter to pay the costs associated with processing a withdrawal or cancellation request.

Event Cancellation:

In the event the St. Louis Chapter cancels a prepaid event, full refunds will be issued to all participants registered for that event.

Voluntary Withdrawal or Cancellation from Prepaid Events

  1. For cancellation requests received prior to the event registration deadline, a refund will be issued to the requesting participant less an administration fee, unless the Board has stated differently for a specific event.
  2. For cancellation requests received after the event registration deadline, a refund will be issued to the requesting member or guest less an administration fee plus any per-participant costs that the Chapter has incurred, unless the Board has stated differently for a specific event.


Compassionate Grounds

The Board reserves the right to issue additional refunds at its discretion.


Policy Name: Contracts

Approval Date: January 9, 2024

Effective Date: January 9, 2024

Purpose: To provide uniformity for the review and execution of contracts related to golf and non-golf events

Every contract needs to be presented to, and approved by, a majority of the Board of Directors, either in person at a meeting or electronically via email, before the contract is signed.

No person shall enter into any contract on behalf of the LPGA Amateurs St. Louis Chapter without first presenting the terms of the contract to the Board.

The signee shall be the President or her designee.

COVID Policy

LPGA Amateurs St. Louis' priority is the health and safety of our members and those around us.  We ask that you follow these recommendations at our Chapter events:

Always follow the current local governmental authority directives and CDC recommendations as well as the course’s requirements.  If you choose to participate in any LPGA Amateurs’ sponsored events, you accept the responsibility to comply with applicable directives for your locale as well as the location of the LPGA Amateurs event to ensure that your participation is both permitted and conducted in a safe and healthy manner for yourself and others.

  • Do NOT participate if you have any Covid symptoms, or if you have been exposed to or tested positive for Covid in the past 14 days.
  • If you are unvaccinated, make that known, if asked, to those you will be riding or playing with to avoid additional risk to those with health concerns.  
  • Those with health risks to themselves or family should take additional precautions as they deem necessary.
  • Cart partners and those in your playing group should agree on extra precautions if someone in the group has health issues or concerns so everyone can feel safe.