Chapter Policies

LPGA Amateurs STL's priority is the health and safety of our members and those around us.  We ask that you follow these recommendations at our Chapter events:

Always follow the current local governmental authority directives and CDC recommendations as well as the course’s requirements.  If you choose to participate in any LPGA Amateurs’ sponsored events, you accept the responsibility to comply with applicable directives for your locale as well as the location of the LPGA Amateurs event to ensure that your participation is both permitted and conducted in a safe and healthy manner for yourself and others.

  • Do NOT participate if you have any Covid symptoms, or if you have been exposed to or tested positive for Covid in the past 14 days.
  • If you are unvaccinated, make that known, if asked, to those you will be riding or playing with to avoid additional risk to those with health concerns.  
  • Those with health risks to themselves or family should take additional precautions as they deem necessary.
  • Cart partners and those in your playing group should agree on extra precautions if someone in the group has health issues or concerns so everyone can feel safe.

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association St. Louis Chapter, founded in 1999, is one of many LPGA Amateur Golf Association chapters across the nation (and around the world).  Our mission is to provide opportunities for women to learn, play and enjoy the game of golf for business and for life.  To this end, our chapter sponsors several evening leagues, open weekend play dates, and networking and social events. We are also a proud sponsor of First Tee of Greater St. Louis, locally, and, through HQ, we support national organizations whose missions are to improve women's lives through golf.  I am proud to say that here in St. Louis, we have a diverse membership any way you look at it.   

HQ organizes our annual regional stroke play and team match play national  tournaments.  These tournaments are all flighted by handicap, so even novices can feel like a pro!  They also interact with the PGA and the golf industry to provide information and buying opportunities to our members.  HQ also makes it easy to find a group to play golf with when you are traveling or relocating. 

All of this doesn't happen without drawing on the abilities of our members and the annual dues we pay.  Locally and nationally we rely on members to fill various boards and committees, host an event here, make a phone call there.  Want to learn how to maintain a website?  Join our communications committee.  Want to organize a golf event?  Join our events committee.  You get the idea!  An LPGA Amateurs St. Louis Chapter membership can help build your game, your resume and your circle of friends! Have we piqued your interest?

Check out this website where we have lots of information on our leagues, play dates, tournaments and more.

You can join LPGA Amateur Golf Association and check out our benefits at

Not sure about joining?  Try us out by attending one or two of our many social events and golf outings.  Our biggest annual event is the Spring Kick-Off in April. There you will enjoy lunch, a silent auction, various vendors, gather information on spring clinics to prepare for one of our leagues and then wrap up the day with 9-holes of golf. Check out the upcoming events and play dates on this website. You are welcome to attend two events before becoming a member. Ready to join now? Click Here

We look forward to seeing you on the golf course soon!