Chapter Events

LPGA Amateurs St. Louis - Schedule of Golf Events

Our St Louis chapter, with guidance from LPGA Amateur headquarters, is planning a full Calendar of Events for 2024. 

LPGA Amateurs St Louis Chapter hosts various golfing events for members almost every day of the week throughout the Spring and Summer season.  Non-members are welcome and can attend up to two events to check us out before becoming an LPGA Amateurs member. 

Here's what to expect for the 2024 season:

Golfing Events

There will be Play Dates, Kickoff and other golf events starting in March and April continuing through October.  

  • Playdates  -  Nine-hole and 18-hole golf outings at various courses around the St Louis and surrounding area. Select when and where you want to play by signing up through Meetup
  • Weekly Recurring Playdates  -  We plan to continue the popular weekday Make Your Own League (MYOL) format where you can choose to play at the same time/course each week or mix it up with no weekly commitment. 
    These informal leagues start in late April and go through the summer months.  Check details in our Chapter Leagues section. 

Click the Schedule of Golf Events link above for a complete listing of our golfing events.

We have some online education and fitness events

  • We periodically plan social and educational events like Spring Kickoff, Handicap Seminars, Rules of Golf and more. These events are scheduled throughout the season. If you miss one of these educational sessions, look for a link to them in Education. Watch the Meetup app for upcoming events. 

Come join our group in Meetup, select one of our planned events and see what the FUN is all about! 

(All in-person events will follow health and safety guidance from LPGA Amateurs and local authorities at the time of the event)