Chapter Education

Our LPGA Amateurs St Louis Chapter schedules educational events periodically throughout the year. 

Tips and Guidance for Golfers

On the Course Etiquette

Learn more about how to be respectful of other golfers and keep your round moving at a good pace of play regardless of your playing ability. Click here for On the Course Etiquette.

Managing Your MeetUp RSVP

Guidance on using MeetUp to RSVP for LPGA Amateurs St Louis events and managing your attendance and cancellations responsibly. Click here for MeetUp RSVP.

USGA GHIN Handicap Education

2023 USGA GHIN Handicap Seminar - click here for the seminar slides. Click here for video recording of the presentation.

How to Keep an Accurate USGA GHIN Handicap. Click here for USGA GHIN Handicap information.

USGA GHIN – Adjusting and Posting Your Score  - click here

USGA GHIN Exceptional Scoring - click here  

USGA GHIN - Playing Course Conditions - click here

USGA GHIN – Hard and Soft Caps - click here

USGA GHIN - Adjusting the Course Score Card based on YOUR calculated Course Handicap - click here

USGA GHIN - Score Differential and Your Handicap Index - click here



National and Local Tournaments

National and Local Tournaments 2023 - view it here.


Previous Virtual Sessions

Missed these sessions or want to review again?  Click the links below:

New Member Orientation April 2022 - view it here.