Chapter Education

Our LPGA Amateurs St Louis Chapter schedules educational events periodically throughout the year. 

Tips and Guidance for Golfers

On the Course Etiquette

Learn more about how to be respectful of other golfers and keep your round moving at a good pace of play regardless of your playing ability. Click here for On the Course Etiquette.

Managing Your Meetup RSVP

Guidance on using Meetup to RSVP for LPGA Amateurs St Louis events and managing your attendance and cancellations responsibly. Click here for  Meetup RSVP.


USGA GHIN Handicap Education

2024 USGA GHIN Handicap Seminar - click here for the seminar slides. Click here for video recording of the presentation*

*These links will be updated to include the newest changes in GHIN asap

How to Keep an Accurate USGA GHIN Handicap. Click here for USGA GHIN Handicap information.

USGA GHIN – Adjusting and Posting Your Score  - click here

USGA GHIN - Exceptional Scoring - click here  

USGA GHIN - Playing Course Conditions - click here

USGA GHIN – Hard and Soft Caps - click here

USGA GHIN - Adjusting the Course Score Card based on YOUR calculated Course Handicap - click here

USGA GHIN - Score Differential and Your Handicap Index - click here

News Update for Posting Scores in GHIN:

The upcoming 2024 golf season brings us a few changes in posting our scores to our USGA GHIN Handicap account.

  1. World Handicap System will include a new minimum length of a golf course to be eligible for a Course and Slope Rating. New limits are 1500 yards for an 18-hole golf course, 750 yards for a 9-hole golf course. Executive Par 3 courses such as Pheasant Run, Tower Tee, Family Golf Center have been rated with a course and slope rating, and are part of the USGA GHIN database. You can now use your Handicap Index at these courses and post your scores under your GHIN account.
  2. Rule 5.1b changed to allow immediate posting of a completed 9-hole round under your GHIN account. There is no longer a wait for another 9-holes to be played, posted for an 18-hole round. Your scoring record will display the following:
  • ·        The 9-hole adjusted gross score.
  • ·        The 9-hole Course Rating and Slope Rating.
  • ·        The 18-hole Score Differential equivalent.
  • ·        A score type of (N).

For more information regarding how to establish and maintain a USGA GHIN Handicap Index, please sign up for the Thursday April 25th GHIN Handicap Seminar. Sign is available via Meetup until the day before the event.


National and Local Tournaments

National and Local Tournaments 2024 schedule - coming soon!


Previous Virtual Sessions

Missed these sessions or want to review again?  Click the links below:

Rules of Golf - If you missed the seminar on March 20, you can view the presentation here.