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                                                                    2023 MEMBER HANDBOOK

                                                    Asheville Area, NC Chapter  -  Welcome Aboard!

We are pleased to present the 2023 LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Asheville Area Chapter Member Handbook. We want you to have a quick and easy reference to learn about our chapter activities and guidelines. Our Chapter website is,and our Facebook page is LPGA Amateur Golf Association – Asheville Area, NC.

The 14,000+ members in 130+ LPGA Amateurs Chapters across the US and internationally share a passion for the game and a love of their local golf communities. Over 7,500 local and national events are played every year - from individual and team events for competitive players to social outings, league play, and networking opportunities for the recreational golfer, to golf destination travel for all.

What makes LPGA Amateur Golf Association unique from a local women’s golf league? Here are just a few of the highlights:   1)  Our league offers golf discounts at several local golf courses and Away events on some Saturdays. Log in to your account with LPGA Amateurs to view benefits that include competitive events, golf travel experiences, and social and networking events. Also included in your membership is free entrance for a member, plus one guest, to LPGA Tour events (in the US and Canada), discounts on apparel, equipment, travel, greens fees, etc.   2)   Many of our members are dual members with chapters in other locations, so you are sure to meet out of state chapter members here in Asheville.

The Asheville Area chapter was founded in 2010 by a handful of women who wanted to “have fun and play golf.” After researching various options, they found that the LPGA Amateur Golf Association (formerly the Executive Women’s Golf Association) provides a framework that allows members to meet others, have fun, and play a great golf course at a discount. The Asheville Chapter had a good year in 2022 with a membership of 125 members. We participated in weekday and weekend golf, tournaments, skills clinics, and combined events with other chapters. But most of all, we had fun meeting new friends. Let’s make 2023 a great year as we grow our membership numbers and enjoy golf!

LPGA Amateur Golf Association Membership Levels Your LPGA Amateur’s membership includes affiliation with the LPGAAmateur Golf Association, Asheville Area, NC Chapter. Membership is for a year, running for 12 months from January 1 to December 31 each year. Most members choose to have a “Classic” membership. Other options are also available; see the LPGA Amateur Golf Association website for details.

Local Chapter Member Benefits Welcoming community of local women also interested in the game of organized golf: - Tuesday evenings (9 holes at Omni Grove Park Inn Golf Course), some Saturday afternoon away events for golfers of all skill levels, and a few Sunday tournaments. - Golf skills clinics - Social and networking events - New friends – Business and golf connections - Discounts from local sponsors - Volunteer opportunities: personal and professional development.

National Benefits - Free entrance (1 member & 1 guest) to all LPGA, Epson, and Legends of the LPGA Tour events in the US and Canada, excluding the US Women’s Open and Solheim Cup - Membership in the LPGA Women’s Network - One-year (12 issues) subscription to GOLF Magazine - Discounts on apparel, equipment, travel, green fees and more - Organized golf experiences and trips domestically and abroad - Golf education, webinars, and information - Up-to-date information on news that impacts female golfers.

  Chapter Structure for 2023 Our LPGA Amateur Golf Association, Asheville Area, NC Chapter is organized in a “Flexible Model” and your Board is made up of: Board of Directors and Officers President: Cheri Kenyon;  Treasurer: Sheri Huston;  Secretary: Nancy Stainback

Course Rates on League Night:  The course rate on Tuesday league nights is $35 for 9 holes which includes the tip for the bag folks. You are required to pay in advance for the round.

Attendance:  No shows will not be able to recover their payment if they do not show up on league night. Most events require registration in our online sign-up system. Planning is necessary for successful events; therefore, you may not be able to participate if you don’t sign-up by the registration deadline. No refund will be given for cancellations received after the event registration deadline except due to emergencies.

Rain Checks:  Generally, the fourth hole is the last hole for a rain check. If you show up and it is raining hard and you tee off, there will be no rain checks unless there is lightning. On days of forecasted rain or bad weather, please check your email for chapter updates on league status for that day.

Golf Handicap:   Establishing and maintaining a Handicap Index is a great way for you to see how your golf game improves through the season and from year-to year. You have several options to post and track your golf handicap. Some of our members pay a fee to a local course for handicap service to obtain a USGA handicap. In our area, most clubs are now participating in the Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN). If you wish to use the service provided by the Omni Grove Park Inn, contact Cheri Kenyon at the chapter email address. Although establishing a handicap is not required, it is highly recommended. Handicaps are required for some tournaments held by LPGA Amateurs Asheville and other organizations. For more information on Handicaps, contact our chapter’s Handicap Guru, Barbara Bennett at

Community Service:   We found that when our members need a helping hand when they are injured or ill, it is a great opportunity to provide them with a Meal Train for dinners, or help an injured member go to the doctor or grocery store. If there are opportunities this season, please join us in helping our own community.

2024 Golf Events

The Asheville Area Chapter is focused on increased participation and quality of our golf events. We are fortunate to have lots of interest in Tuesday night golf at GPI and this requires us all to work together to have a smooth start each week.

Kickoff Event: This year we will have a Kickoff event on Saturday, April 20, 2024, at Reems Creek Golf Course. You will have a choice of 9 or 18 holes.

Group Lessons with Zack Hepp, GPI Assistant Golf Pro - TBD

Annual Season Opener Tuesday, April 23, at Omni Grove Park Inn Golf Course – Beverages and snacks will be available.

Special League Nights with Dine After 9 at the course. We love the idea of having events regularly scheduled each month. Therefore, we offer a Dine after 9-holes once a month. Food and beverages are brought in, and golfers contribute to the cost for these evenings. Advanced sign-up required. 

Social and Networking Events:  Social and Networking Events are a major component of LPGA Amateur Golf Association. We will incorporate food and social time at golf events. We will also make a point of making sure you are paired with different players during league nights so that you have an opportunity to play with as many different ladies as possible. Volunteers and suggestions are welcome.

One Time Events:  We also offer Away Play 18-hole events at local golf courses on various dates throughout the season. We will also be holding three Sunday tournaments at the Omni Grove Park Inn course.

Bring a Girl to the Course and Charity Golf Events -TBD

Member Appreciation Event:  We annually recognize our members with an evening of golf, drinks, and snacks to show our appreciation for all our members.

Scramble Open Tournament:  Sunday, June 23 at Omni Grove Park Inn Golf Course. 18 holes and handicap is NOT required.

Member/Guest Tournament Sunday, September8 at Omni Grove Park Inn Golf Course – 18 holes. Advance registration required and handicaps NOT required. This is your chance to invite a friend, spouse, or significant other to join you for a fun round and it’s NOT women only! Also, it’s a good opportunity to invite a potential new member.

Annual President's Cup: Sunday, September 29 at Omni Grove Park Inn Golf Course, food and awards afterwards. This is a two-person team event REQUIRING a handicap and advance registration to participate.

Annual Season Finale:  TBD – usually held at a local country club. Drinks, dinner, and awards for year (birdies, eagles, Volunteer of the Year, etc). 

League Play:  To provide you with the opportunity to play with as many people as possible, we create the pairings every week. We offer the opportunity to “Pick Partners” once per month. If you are a new member, a Buddy (returning member) will be assigned to you to help introduce you to other members and help you get to know the course. We play nine holes every Tuesday starting April 25. It is a shotgun start and we require advanced registration and payment Please be considerate to fellow golfers by signing up, showing up, and canceling when you have a change in plans.

Check-in Procedure:  To ensure a smooth start each Tuesday League Night, please pay in advance via the pay link in the weekly email. During most of the season, Tuesday League Nights have a shotgun start at 5:30 pm. Please arrive early to be ready for announcements and our shot gun start. If there are any announcements, they will be given 5 minutes before start time. Due to shortened daylight, start times may be earlier at the end of our season. Most general announcements will be included in the monthly Newsletter. Please arrive at least 20 minutes before the round to allow time for check-in. Our 5:30 pm start time is the time you are to be ready to go to your starting hole – NOT the time you are supposed to arrive. PLEASE BE ON TIME.

Volunteers Needed:  Our chapter cannot function without volunteers. We are looking for people to help with events like Dine after 9 and tournaments that we host. We especially love volunteer greeters on Tuesday nights – a good way to meet everyone. Look for opportunities via weekly emails. 

Informed Members Make Good Members More than anything, we want new members to feel welcomed and informed about our chapter. Please contact the Board with any questions you may have through the Chapter email site,

A Few Rules :  Pace-of-Play and Ready Golf / Pick up your ball policy – 9 holes of golf should take approximately 2 hours to play. Proper Pace-of-Play means keeping up with the group IN FRONT of you. Play “READY” golf so that you are ready to hit when it is your turn. To help keep pace-of-play, the Chapter requests players pick up their ball after reaching double par.

Etiquette:  In the spirit of golf, this game relies on integrity of the individual to show consideration for other players and to abide by the rules. All players should always demonstrate courtesy and sportsmanship. Here are a few basic tips: - Avoid distracting players by standing too close to them while they are hitting. Back off far enough away so you are out of their line of site in all directions, including your shadows. - Avoid distracting with noise while others are preparing to hit. This includes talking, searching though your bag, and noise of cell phones or electronic devices. - Always be ready to play as soon as it’s your turn – get your club out and walk over to your ball or tee box. Little things like this speed up the pace of play. - Searching for balls can cost time, so be sure you advise your playing partners to go ahead and play while you search. There is a 3 minute limit to search. If you know you hit out-of-bounds, hit a provisional ball. Using a provisional ball counts as two strokes. One stroke is taken when the ball is out of bounds and one stroke is taken to drop a ball and continue playing. - Don’t stand or walk on a player’s putting line when you are hitting or retrieving a ball from the cup. Please don’t move while others are putting. - Players should remain on the green (or close to) until all players have holed out. - Carefully repair ball divots on the green, even if you didn’t make them. - Fill in fairway divots with sand if you see one while you are filling your own. - Park your cart towards the back of the green so you can exit quickly to allow the group behind you to hit as soon as possible.

Prospective Member:  Prospective members are welcomed to “try us out” on Tuesday evenings only. Prospective members may play a maximum of 2 times as a guest. The guest fee is $40 for Tuesday play. After attending two golf events, if prospective members wish to continue, they may join our LPGA Amateurs chapter.

See you on the course!!!

Cheri Kenyon, President, and the 2024 Board of Directors

Chapter Sponsors & Partners