Chapter Policies

If you sign up for ANYTHING, lessons, leagues or events, please make every effort to attend. If you cannot attend, it is only fair that you let the event coordinator know. Please give 24 hours notice.

Our volunteers work very hard to set up fun events for all to enjoy. A lot goes into the preparation, including making tee times, designing the format based on the number of players, and printing tee sheets and scorecards. Giving 24 hours' notice would be greatly appreciated. As for the pros giving lessons, the number of students determines whether they need to add or remove instructors.

League Local Rules, Etiquette & Expectations

Expectations are for ALL PLAYERS – COMPETITIVE AND JUST-4-FUN   

The maximum score for competitive league play is now 10 on any hole.

Digital scoring will be introduced in league play.

Please be respectful of everyone’s time. Arrive 30 min before the first tee time to register and get ready to go.

NOTE: Courses send us out early, not our choice. If you are not ready, you will lose your spot and be put last. 

Pace of Play - Play Ready Golf

ALWAYS play ready golf. Be aware of the time you take to hit your ball. The player who is furthest from the hole hits first. If she is not ready to hit, then whoever is ready should hit their ball to keep the group moving. It is the group's responsibility to keep pace. Stay one shot behind the group in front. It should take a group 15 min per hole. 

Our goal is to play in 4.5 hours. Courses will be happy to invite us back at decent rates.


League play is a competition, and the cost is $10. You must have a GHIN handicap number to compete in League Play. If you do not have a GHIN, please sign up for the “Just 4 Fun” event.

If you fall behind by one or more holes and the group behind you is waiting, please pick up your ball and give yourself a maximum score.


LEAF RULE – IF you are certain, and your group agrees, that your ball was seen heading into the fairway and you cannot find it (within 3 min.) because the fairway is full of leaves, you may drop a ball where you last saw your ball WITHOUT penalty.

LIFT CLEAN AND PLACE IN YOUR OWN FAIRWAY within one scorecard length (approx. 12 in.)

CART PATH ONLY - Other than winter rules, when it is CPO, you may lift, clean, and place your ball in your own fairway within a scorecard length (approximately 12 inches).

BUNKERS: If your ball lies in a footprint, you may rake it and place it back where it was.

Root Rule - If your ball is resting on a root or within the swing path, risking hitting the root, or your stance is on a root, you may drop the ball within 1 club length, no closer to the hole, without a penalty stroke.

Lateral Hazard with NO drop zone – drop as far back as you want, keeping in line with the pin and where the ball last crossed the hazard with a one-stroke penalty.

 Scoring- please keep a good count of your strokes. If you have a hard time, please use a counter or beads to help and ask your group to assist.

PLAY TWO BALLS: For any rule you do not know and do not feel comfortable with a rule given by another player, ALWAYS-ALWAYS play the two-ball rule, score them both, and a ruling will be given in the clubhouse.

Posting to GHINYou are responsible for posting every round you play, including LPGA Ams events. This is very important to the integrity of League Play and the honesty and ethical sportsmanship you bring to the game. Please post every round to your GHIN number on the day of play.

IMPORTANT** Make sure you adjust for equitable strokes. That means you can ONLY post a net double bogey on any given hole. See #4 above for clarity.

More....Pace of Play - Play Ready Golf

If you hit a ball and think it is out of bounds or could be lost, hit a provisional before leaving the tee box. Look for your ball for three minutes, and if you do not find it, play your provisional.

The rule to look for a lost ball is 3 minutes.

USGA's New Local Rule is designed to streamline play when a golf ball gets lost. If you hit any shot and think you hit a good shot, but when you get there, you cannot find it. With the new local rule, you can continue to play without returning to the original stroke's position.

  1. Identify the area where your ball is probably lost.
  2. Then, find the fairway edge closest to this spot but not closer to the hole. 
  3. Now, imagine a line connecting these two spots, drop your ball in between them, and play from there. 
  4. And, yes, you still take the 2-stroke penalty

When you walk up to the green, begin reading your putt immediately while others are looking at their putt—the person who is away putts first. Whoever is putting has complete control of the green and never has to ask permission to finish. This is called Continuous Putting, and everyone should continue putting until the ball is holed as long as you are not stepping in someone's line.

Scorekeeping and Posting Scores to GHIN

League play is considered playing at a higher level, which means keeping score. Please keep your score accurate, and if you struggle, use a counter.

You must post all scores to your GHIN handicap before midnight on the same day you play for the PCC to be accurately calculated. The most accurate way to post is hole by hole, so your score can be appropriately adjusted with the maximum gross score allowed based on your handicap. If you cannot do that, you may simply adjust your overall score. 

Example: Score 94; however, if I shoot a triple bogey on a hole and do not get a stroke, I can only take a double bogey. It would look like this: 5+3 = 8, but I am not getting a stroke, so I can only post a 7. I would then post a 93.
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