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What is the "2" Club?

What is the 2 Club? How do I join? What are the benefits? The 2 Club is an informal group of golfers who have each accomplished the feat of scoring a 2 on a hole. Most commonly, this would be a Birdie on a par 3, but it is possible to score a 2 on a par 4 which would be an Eagle, or even on a par 5 which would be a Double Eagle. To join the 2 Club, you must be playing with another 2 Club member when you score your 2. You must pay one dollar to join the club, signing your dollar and giving it to the other 2 Club member. If you are playing with more than one 2 Club member in your group, you owe each 2 Club member a dollar. After you pay your first dollar, you are entitled to collect one dollar each time you score a 2 from all 2 Club members playing in your group. Once you enter the 2 Club, you are eligible to receive a 2 Club pin from LPGA Amateurs Quad Cities as long as you are a member in good standing of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association and this Chapter. Contact us at info.lpgaamateursqc@gmail.com 

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