As a part of your membership, LPGA has continued to provide handicap services from GolfNet. However, the chapter had migrated to GHIN last year because the LPGA had originally said they were discontinuing handicapping services through our dues. That being said, you have the option of using either service at this time.  
GolfNet is included so far in your dues or you could pay $25 a year for GHIN. Right now, our chapter members who keep a handicap are split 50/50 between the two.
Remember that you should only be recording in one of the handicap applications, to avoid duplication in your records. 
If you are having issues getting into either of them, please contact the board & we will help you gain access. If you have never used it, or you are using again after taking time off, we may need to reactivate you. 
LPGA Membership Clubhouse Link: https://members.lpgaamateurs.com/ ; Once you have gone in here & recorded one score - you will be able to use the LPGA Amateurs app on your phone to record! 

LPGA Amateurs Handicap Mobile App Link: iPhone  Android

PAY for your GHIN Handicap Registration Here: GHIN Handicap Payment Link

GHIN Login Link: https://www.ghin.com/login

GHIN Mobile App Link: iPhone  Android

We look forward to seeing you out on the course!

Suzi Dale & Sara Mayall
Handicap Volunteers - LPGA Amateurs Quad Cities
Chapter Sponsors & Partners