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Spokane/Inland Northwest

Feb 12, 2019, 17:02 PM
Chapter Full Name : Spokane/Inland Northwest
State : WA
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For information about all upcoming events go to the EVENTS tab. There you will also find a list of weekly golf options under the CHAPTER LEAGUES drop-down.





Congratulations to Gina Kettleson!

At our Kick-off Event on Thursday evening, long time Chapter Member Gina Kettleson was honored as our outstanding volunteer.  We were proud to introduce the Gina Kettleson Volunteer of the Year award, and present that award directly to Gina!  By implementing this award, we hope others will follow in her footsteps and Volunteer to help grow and improve our Chapter. 

If you have interest in volunteering, we have a job for you!  Do you enjoy events?  Do you have technology skills?  Are you interested in Chapter leadership?  We have many options for volunteering.   

Email us Info.SpokaneLPGAAmateurs@gmail.com.  We would love to have your help!

Gina Kettleson


To contact any of the board please email Info.SpokaneLPGAAmateurs@gmail.com

President - Tera Maki

President Elect - Valarie Hartfield

Finance Director - Annette Bick

Events Director - Susie Luby

Membership Director -Sonja Petty

Communications/Marketing - Heather Bender   


We are always looking for Volunteers to help make our events better and also increase the opportunities we can offer to our members.

By volunteering, you will meet more members and become more involved with the Chapter.  If you have an interest in volunteering, regardless of the time you can contribute, please email us at info.SpokaneLPGAAmateurs@gmail.com

Gina and Heather Volunteering at the Golf Show

LPGA Amateur Golf Association Spokane Inland NW Chapter

Policies and Procedures


Golf Events:  Activities scheduled for people to get together to play the same course at the same time.  These can be set up using a variety of golf formats and some events may have a more competitive emphasis.  “Fun” golf is available as an option during all competitive Golf Events.

Weekday Play:  Scheduled tee times during the week, before or after work 9 hole play, or mid-morning 18 hole play, in which members sign up via email from the designated event coordinator.

Weekend Play:  Scheduled tee times on Saturdays and selected Sundays in which members sign up via email from the Events Director. 

Educational Opportunities:  Golf clinics and/or personal development sessions are randomly scheduled throughout the golf season and are designed to meet the needs of the Chapter Members.  These include active skill clinics, rules discussions, strategy sessions and more.

Non-Golf Events:  Any gathering of LPGA Amateurs members that does not include golf.  Examples of these events include beginning and end of season celebrations, social functions and activities to learn more about LPGA Amateurs.


Registration:  All Members must register online via email to the Weekday Coordinator.  Registration is required weekly, as requested by the Coordinator.

Payment:  Payment for play is at the Pro Shop, due when checking in. Members are responsible for their own greens fees and cart rental. 

Cancellations:  It is the responsibility of the Member to call the Pro Shop to cancel.  The member should also inform the Weekday Coordinator of a cancellation. Cancellations are highly discouraged.  Any Member developing a pattern of cancellation will lose the opportunity to reserve tee times.


Registration:  All members must register online via email to the Event Director.  Weekly emails will be sent to Members with the upcoming schedule of golfing opportunities.  Members can reserve a spot via email for weekend play up to two weeks in advance, but no later than 5 pm Tuesday before the scheduled play, or as specified by the Events Director. Member must indicate whether they choose to walk the course or rent a cart. 

Payment: Payment for play is at the Pro Shop when checking in.  Members are responsible for their own greens fees as well as cart rental.

Cancellation: It is the responsibility of the Member to call the Pro Shop and cancel as well as contact the Event Director and cancel.  Cancellations are highly discouraged.  Any Member developing a pattern of cancellation will lose the opportunity to reserve tee times.


Registration:  All members must register online, via email communication from the Event Director or by alternative registration options as offered.

Payments:  Members can pay by credit card through the designated payment portal at the time of online registration or by mailing a check to LPGA Amateurs Spokane Inland NW, 9116 E. Sprague #400, Spokane Valley, WA  99206.  Check must be received no later than one week prior to the event.

Refunds: Education payments are non-refundable unless the event is canceled by the Chapter or the golf pro.  In this case, refunds will be paid in full.

If there is a wait list for an Education opportunity, a player who requests a cancellation will receive a full refund if someone on the wait-list fills their position.  No refunds are available for absences.

Substitutes: Substitutes are allowed if you are unable to attend an education opportunity.  Contact the Event Coordinator to let them know that you have a substitute.  The substitute should pay you directly.

A player who is unable to attend can also check with the Event Coordinator to see if there is anyone on the wait-list who can fill their position.


Guests/non-members are invited to participate in Chapter activities, however, a guest/non-member may not participate in more than two Chapter activities in the same calendar year.  With all weekday and weekend tee times, Members take priority over guests if there is a shortage of times.  Exceptions to this policy are as follows:

  • Sunday play is designated Guest Day and there is no limit to the number of times a guest may participate in Sunday play.Typically, there are four Sunday opportunities per golfing season. Guests have equal priority to members with Sunday tee times.
  • In most cases, guests may not participate in education opportunities.This is a benefit of being a Member.However, we may offer educational opportunities that are open to both members and non-members.

Guests/non-members are required to sign a Release and Indemnification Agreement.  Forms will be available at any event where non-members can participate.

LPGA Amateurs Members automatically acknowledge this release and indemnification when they join or renew.



Our Chapter offers Weekday, Weekend, and after work golf.  Participation can be on a weekly basis with the contacts listed below.  Here are the options to consider:

Indian Canyon Golf Course
First day of play May 6
Tee Times start around 5:30 p.m.
Email Gina Kettleson:  ginak.active@gmail.com
Or text 509.844.5208

Local Golf Course Partners courses - City and County Courses
Tee Times start around 10 a.m.
Email Sonja Petty: soni1251@me.com
Or Text 509.994.6032

Eagle Ridge Par 3 Golf Course, 5:45 Shotgun Start
Cost for 9 holes is $10
Starts May 29
Questions – email Susie Luby:  
This is a drop in league – tee times not necessary

Liberty Lake Golf Course
First day of play May 9
Tee Times start around 5:30 p.m.
Email Gina Kettleson:  ginak.active@gmail.com
Or text 509.844.5208

Email up to two weeks in advance to participate. 
Send an email to events.spokanelpgaamateurs@gmail.com
Include your name, course, date and if you’ll walk or ride
Here is the 2019 Weekend Schedule:

May                                               Start Time

  4   Coeur d’Alene Public          10:30
       Cinco d’ Mayo celebration  
11   Meadowwood                       10:00
18   Qualchan                                9:45
19   Circling Raven                       1:10
25   Hangman Valley                     9:07


  1   Prairie Falls                           10:00
  8   Liberty Lake                           11:25
        Sponsor Day
15   Downriver                              10:08
16   Stoneridge                              2:00
22   Meadowwood/                        8:00
       Liberty Lake                            2:45
       Longest day of golf                 
29   Fairways                                  9:00
       Founders Day


  6   Qualchan                                 9:45
13   Esmeralda                               9:00
20   Twin Lakes                             10:00
21   Circling Raven                       12:40
        Local Championship Qualifier
28   Wandermere                            9:00
        Christmas in July


  3   Hangman Valley                  8:30
10   Indian Canyon                      8:20
17   Liberty Lake                          9:00
24   Downriver                             8:30
 Palouse Ridge                     TBD 
31   The Links                              10:00  



  7  Coeur d’Alene Public           9:00
14   Hangman Valley                   9:07
        1st day of Match Play weekend
15   Esmeralda                            9:00
        2nd day of Match Play weekend
21   Meadowwood                      10:00
28   Qualchan                             10:00


  5   Indian Canyon                       TBD
12   Downriver                              10:00
19   Liberty Lake                           10:00


The purpose of the USGA Handicap system is to make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling players of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis. Having a handicap index allows golfers to:

  • Participate in more events (those that require a handicap index).
  • Have a measurable means of tracking improvement.
  • Allow score adjustments to even the playing field when playing with golfers of different skill levels.


Wondering why you can’t get into GN21 to log your spring scores?  If you have not logged into the new website / platform for the LPGA Amateur Golf Association  please do in order to access information and GN21 for posting scores. 

All LPGA Amateurs Spokane Inland NW members have the opportunity to obtain a handicap index through GN21 at no additional cost. Golfers keeping score are strongly encouraged to obtain a Handicap Index by taking advantage of a key LPGA Amateur Spokane Inland NW member benefit. This system is available via the LPGA Amateur Golf Association members-only area (after logging in, you'll see a link to the "Handicap" area along the left side).  Powered by GolfNet, GN21 is a full featured system that enables all members to obtain an official USGA handicap.  This Member benefit is available for the 2019 Season - good thru December 31, 2019

Do you have additional questions about Handicaps and Handicap systems?  Send us an email at info.SpokaneLPGAAmateurs@gmail.com

LPGA Amateurs Spokane/Inland NW

9116 E. Sprague Avenue #400

Spokane Valley, WA  99206


Spokane - Inland NW-01
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