Aug 2022 -

News from the Chapter 

Thank you to the members who participated in the National Virtual Scramble.  Manatee hosted 2 teams.  “Skirts and Pants” came in tied for 12th gross at 66 (Judy Milne, Rhonda Montero, Bonnie Nystrom, Mike McDonald).  BOLD team (Linda O’Brien, Donna DeLuca, Donna Brown, Pat Glunt), scored a gross 69, very close.  The winners of the event scored gross 59 (see below).  This is a fun event, and we encourage you to think about participating next year!  This event supports the LPGA Foundation.

Summer golf continues and we have had no reported heat strokes!  That is amazing given the very high temperatures we have been experiencing.  Unfortunately, however, we have had quite a few members reporting COVID.  So, be careful and be smart.  If you don’t feel good, don’t play.  Be sure you have some home test kits (, and if you feel like you are getting a cold, don’t assume that’s the issue.  We have still not seen mask requirements and courses are not using dividers yet or single carts.  So use your own judgment about these items (you can call the course to ask about dividers before play dates).

The Chapter Championship will take place on August 27.  Stay tuned for updates in the next report.

We also hope to have the match play with Lee/Charlotte Chapter on September 25th at Plantation.  There will be a restricted number of slots for that game, so watch for the invitation which should come out in a few weeks.

League Transitions – Coming Soon!

“North” 18 Hole League:  September 27 is the last day for 18-hole league at Tara.  We will move to The River Club Golf Course on October 5.  The first tee times at River Club will be 11:00 am.  For October, price is $40, then increasing in November to $45 an December to April $50 (plus tax).

“North” 9 Hole League at Tara ends on October 13.  First day at River Club will be October 19th, starting at 2:36 pm.  Price for October is $30.00 and Nov thru April is $35.00 (plus tax).

“State of the Chapter” – Membership Update - Welcome New Members!

We continue to grow and are fortunate to have new members joining our chapter every month.  We officially exceeded 300 members this month!

Please give a warm Manatee Welcome to our newest members when you see them in league and weekend play!


Jennifer Sullivan

Helen Volonakis

Patricia Heffner

August (as of 8/21/22)

Patty Cascone

Welcome to the Manatee Chapter!

League Play-Upcoming /Tara games:

August 30, 2022 = Individual Game = Net Stableford Points

September 6, 2022 = NOTE: Rosedale Golf & CC - Team Game = 2 Best Net All 18 Holes

September 13, 2022 = Individual Game = Low Net after 18 Holes

September 20, 2022 = Team Game = Guess the Net (Wood Tile Game)

September 27, 2022 = Individual Game = All holes starting with T or F (2,3,4,5,10,12,13,14,15)

Will count for final score, minus ½ your handicap. THIS IS THE LAST DAY AT TARA (18-hole league). We will move over to River Club and start playing the 18 Hole League on Wednesday, October 5, 2022. First tee time will be at 11:00 AM, cost is $40.00 + TAX.

National Competition Offerings:

Watch your emails from national (“The Front Nine”) for news about these events.  The Cup Finals are still pending and other national events are completed for the year.  We will keep you informed as the next year schedule evolves.

Upcoming Weekend Golf Events:

If anyone would like to help Amy book summer events, please contact her at  Prices have stayed higher than usual this year with golf becoming such a desired option during the COVID “experience”. We are getting some decent rates but to book some of the better courses, we are accepting higher prices or later tee times. We continue to make the effort to have outings every weekend for our members. 


8/28 Jacaranda West


9/3   Holiday-no booking9/11 Bent Tree
9/18 Legacy
9/25 Plantation – with SW Florida (Naples) and the new Lee/Charlotte chapter



Comments from the Board and Rules and Etiquette Corner:

IMPORTANT:  Summary of Proposed Transition to “Reduced/Flexible Board Model”

Running the chapter takes many hands, which starts with the Board of Directors. The Board depends on numerous volunteers throughout the year, collaboration from local golf clubs and support from the national LPGA AGA organization. Many hands are needed to make this effort manageable and the Board learns from national about other chapters and their operations. 

About 3 years ago, national introduced an alternative Board structure and Bylaws option called the “Reduced Board” model.  The Manatee Chapter Board has reviewed that structure, recognized the benefits and has unanimously voted to make that transition.

To execute the transition, a membership vote is required. You will be asked to accept the new alternative Board model.  First and foremost, there will be no direct impact to members related to golf options, events, leagues, etc.

Listed below is a summary of the major changes to help you decide how to vote.  We certainly hope you will agree with the transition!

  • Requires only a minimum of 3 volunteer Directors, with the chapter determining the most suitable number.  We propose to keep our current 7 and make changes over the next 12-18 months as we get the feel of the new model.  Directors represent the strategic arm of the chapter – determining plans and budgets for the year, target activities etc.
  • Changes the terms for Directors, particularly President. All Director terms will be 2 years (President is currently 1 year). Directors gain new authority for appointing Officers, and elections change when there is only one candidate for a role – the Board may appoint without a vote of the membership for qualified candidates. The President MUST be voted on by the membership however.
  • Adds “Officers” – operational leaders to take on the actual functional aspects of the chapter. In the initial phase, we will create 6 officers to cover:  President/Secretary, Treasurer, Weekend Golf, Golf Events/Sponsorship, Membership, Communications, Leagues. Officers will be invited to attend Board meetings but do not vote.  Eventually, we may have Directors who do not also hold Officer positions, so this will become more important at that stage.
  • Encourages use of committees. We propose to add small committees to help support Weekend Golf planning and booking, Sponsorship (potentially), Leagues, Communications (e.g., Faith Hall already manages FB and the web page to support the Director). Other committees may become beneficial and they can be created for short term or longer terms. These will be considered over time in order to get more members involved helping with activities in “bite-size” levels that are easy to handle and may encourage people to jump in and help.
  • Generally creates more flexibility in the structure of the organization to run smoothly and to be more nimble to change if conditions warrant that.

Please contact me directly if you have questions about this transition or would like more details at

We believe this new model gives us the flexibility we need to manage the chapter.  You all make a difference and we appreciate you!  Thank you for thinking through this proposal.  Watch for an email with a voting request soon.

See you out and about!  Hit ‘em long and straight!

Judy Milne

President, LPGA Amateurs - Manatee County