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  • Congratulations to All Our Chicago Cup Teams!

    They battled the rain, temporary water, and some very competitive teams at
    Cog Hill Golf & Country Club, during the two day Mid West Regional Cup Qualifier Match Play Tournament!


    Chicago Fairway Ninjas take 2nd Place!

    Windy City Winners take 5th Place!

    Good luck to both teams as they advance to the Finals at the Reunion Resort in Florida.



    On a day that started gloomy and rainy, the sun eventually came out to shine on 98 players at the Summer Finale on September 8th at beautiful Naperville Country Club.  Our members and guests were very generous to Orphans of the Storm Riverwoods (animal shelter), donating more than $4400 through a raffle, 50/50 and direct contributions, including a $500 contribution from our chapter. 

    Fifteen league foursomes and threesomes competed against each other and the winners were:

    1st place:  Just Golf League:  Mary Beth Zolli, Lori Knaub, Chris Busch and Leslie Ambrose 2nd place:  Metro West League:  Jill Knecht, Katie Engel and Marilyn Hebda 3rd place:  Serious Saturday Golf League:  Julie Clausing, Monica Tynan, Cherise Barron, and Kathy Davies

    Ten Fun Foursomes also competed against each other with the following winners:

    1st place:  Robyn Craine, Gussie Blue, Sheila Soresson and Yori Green 2nd place: Diane Rayfield, Vicki Stearns, Annette Rigali and Tori Sells 3rd place: Michelle Qi, Min Haung, Christina Tu and Lucy Liu

    Prizes were also awarded to six contest hole winners:

    Longest Putts:  Stacey Jakes and Barbara Barrett Closest to the Pin: Emily Li and Kim Brady Longest Drive: Cherise Barron Straightest Drive: Michele Pasquale

    A big thank you to all of the volunteers and Naperville Country Club for making the day run smoothly and to all players for their generosity to Orphans of the Storm.
  • LPGA Amateurs Championship
    - Upper Mid-West Sectional Championship Qualifier
    - Wild Rock Course at the Wilderness Resort, WI

    UMW Sectional Championship Qualifier

    Congratulations to Our Winners!

    Scramble teams:

    - Second Place: Mary Wondolowski, Dena Lamb, June Courtney and Beth Long
    - Eigth Place: Michelle Morin, Jill Knecht, Beth McCulloch and May Ogle 

    Stroke Play by Flight:

    - Fourth Flight:  1st Tamara Marshall (LN)

    - Third Flight: 2nd Jill Dexter (LN),  3rd Eileen Zittnan (LN)

    - Second Flight:  4th Edith Long (LG), 5th Robin Natzke (LN)

    - First Flight: 1st Kelly Storm (LG), 4th Ann O'Connell (LG)

    - Championship Flight:  1st Kathy Davies (LG),  1st  Willa Fuqua (LN)

    - Senior Recognition (Gross): 1st Kelly Storm, 5th Ann OConnell,
                                                    6th Edith Long, 9th Eileen Zittnan

    Best of luck in the Finals at Mission Hills Resort, CA!

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  • Congratulation Northsiders!
    Crosstown Challenge Winners for 2019!


    Better luck next year Southsiders!


    Historic Record of Wins and Losses! 

    Southside  Northside  
          7                5

    2007 North
    2008 South
    2009 ?
    2010 South
    2011 South
    2012 North
    2013 South
    2014 South
    2015 South
    2016 North
    2017 North
    2018 South
    2019 North


  • LPGA Amateurs Championship
    - Chicago Metro Local Championship Qualifier


    Congratulations to Our Winners!

    Scramble teams:

    -  First Place: Michelle Morin, Jill Knecht, Beth McCulloch and May Ogle 

    - Second Place:Mary Wondolowski, Dena Lamb, June Courtney and Beth Long

    Stroke Play by Flight:

    - Fourth Flight:  Low Gross Tamara Marshall

    - Third Flight:  Low Gross Jill Dexter  and Low Net Eileen Zittnan

    - Second Flight:  Low Gross Edith Long and Low Net Robin Natzke

    - First Flight:  Low Gross Lisa Holmes and Low Net Ann O'Connell

    - Championship Flight:  Low Gross Ali Rogala and Low Net Willa Fuqua.

    Best of luck at the Wilderness Resort for the next round!!

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  • 2019 Chapter Match Play Tournament

    This tournament is for anyone who has in interest in learning to play match play golf. In match play, players win lose or halve a hole. The winner in match play is the player who wins the most holes. Handicaps are used to even out the matches. Players are paired
    with someone of a similar handicap to play a match, they decide on a location, reserve a tee time, play the match and report the outcome of the match to Nancy Haney. This tournament is very flexible, fun, and you meet lots of people.

    You may want to bookmark these links:
    Red Bracket 
    Blue Bracket
    Green Bracket

    Check these ofter to see who your next opponent is. Remember you are not out of the tournament until you have two losses. Schedule your match as soon as possible! You must play your match by the dates assigned.

    By June 15, July 20, Aug 20, Sept 21, Oct 25

    Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each bracket!

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