2020 Canton Chapter Board of Directors  

The following volunteer members were elected to
the 2020 Canton Chapter Board at the closing day
event in September 2019

President - Mary Peppard
Finance and Records Director - Becky Patterson
Events and Activities Director - OPEN
Membership and Golf Programs Director - Dee Diana
Golf League Director - Monday - Debbie Johns
Golf League Director - Wednesday - Janet Brunecz
Marketing and Communications Director - Julia Dick
Past President - Amy Mast

THANK YOU to Debbie Quinn
who has served as 
the Events and Activities Director for many years!

Please contact Mary Peppard if you would like to volunteer for the vacant Events & Activities Director position or volunteer as a member of the committee. 

2019 League Champs Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the Monday league at Raintree:
First Place           MARY PEPPARD
Second Place     DEBBIE KANDEL
Third Place         AMY MAST
Fourth Place      DEBBIE JOHNS

Congratulations to the winners of the Wednesday league at The Sanctuary:
First Place Team              NANCY CORTNER & DIANA WARD
Second Place Team         BETH YOAK & LYNDSEY HANZLIK