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  • May Newsletter
    May newsletter can be found here. Check out our upcoming event registration information and more!

  • Traveling Match Play
    It's time to register for the Traveling Match Play League! Each participant will play at least 2 and up to 4 golf matches. You and your opponent will decide on a time and place to play, determine your course handicaps, and then report the results back to me. League requirements are that you be a member of the Philadelphia chapter of LPGA Amateurs and have a verifiable handicap. Susan Hunsicker will establish the exact format of the league, which will depend on how many play and how the handicaps are distributed.

    If you are interested in participating, please reach out to Susan Hunsicker via E-MAIL.

    Sign up by Friday, May 6 (maybe it will be warmer by then!). We hope to get started soon so we can finish by late July. Hope to hear from you!

  • IMPORTANT - Handicap Reminder!

    Our Chapter is now officially able to host and maintain USGA handicap indexes through the Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN). This service is only available to current members of the Philadelphia Chapter. Before deciding to obtain this service through our Chapter, please verify that your LPGA Amateurs membership is valid through 12/31/2022 and that you do not already have an active handicap service through Golfnet, GHIN, or any other USGA approved provider. If you have any questions about the status of your membership or need help verifying if you have an active handicap service, please contact Jane Chen directly for assistance. 

    After verifying the above, if you are interested in establishing and maintaining your handicap service through our Chapter, please do the following: 

    • Click to access our secure electronic payment link. There is a nominal, annual fee of $20 per member if you elect to establish and maintain your handicap index through our Chapter

    • After receiving your payment confirmation, please forward your proof of payment to Jane Chen and Gail Irrgang to review and process your handicap application

    • Within 3 business days of receiving your proof of payment, you will receive an email from Jane or Gail with instructions on how to create a new GHIN account or confirmation that your old GHIN account has been reactivated

    A new GHIN account will not be established for you unless you notify us in writing that you want to maintain your handicap index through our Chapter and pay the appropriate fee.

  • Chapter League Registration Info

    Have you renewed your membership in 2022 yet? If not, now is the time to do so because league registration is now officially open! The White Manor league will begin on Monday, April 25, and the PineCrest league will begin on Wednesday, April 27. When registering for leagues, here are a few reminders:

    • Everyone needs to register for the leagues even if they've participated in the same league before. Each year, a new league registration website with updated dates, round sign-ups, games, information, etc. is built so registering for the new league each year ensures the most seamless way to receive communications from the league coordinators and to enter scores in Golf Genius for the different weekly games. 
    • Registering for the leagues requires login validation via your active LPGA Amateurs Philadelphia Chapter membership. Weekly league play is a chapter specific benefit and validating with your active membership automatically lets our league coordinators know you are a member of the Philadelphia Chapter.
    • As registering for the league requires login validation via your active membership, everyone must register on their own.
    • Registering for the leagues is required in order to sign up for weekly tee times.
    • We welcome guests to try out our leagues twice before we ask that they become a member of the LPGA Amateurs Philadelphia Chapter! Guests, which includes those who are inactive members of the Philadelphia Chapter, will need to contact the league coordinators to sign up for tee times since they will not be able to validate their active membership.

    White Manor league registration link HERE

    PineCrest league registration link HERE

    Traveling Matchplay league registration: Contact Susan Hunsicker at or 215-576-5473

    For the PineCrest and White Manor leagues, after clicking on the league registration link, please follow these directions for a successful registration:

    • Do not sign in to Golf Genius yet
    • Click the gray button called “Register now"
    • Validate with your LPGA Amateurs credentials (not Golf Genius)
    • Complete required fields on registration page (i.e. Name, cell phone, LPGA Am ID, etc.)
    • Select box to acknowledge Golf Genius software policy
    • Click gray “Register” button in the lower right corner of page
    • Await confirmation email that you have successfully registered for the league

    For those who already have a Golf Genius account login and password, that's all you need to do!

    For those who do not have a Golf Genius account login and password yet (this is usually only for new LPGA Amateurs members or those who have never created a Golf Genius account), please follow these additional directions for a successful registration:

    • After receiving confirmation email that you have successfully registered for the league, please contact the league coordinator and let them know that you registered for the league and don't have a Golf Genius account
    • The league coordinator will then have an email sent to you from Golf Genius, which will have a unique link allowing you to create your Golf Genius account with a temporary password
    • After accessing the unique link, you will be asked set a new password for your new Golf Genius account
    • Having a Golf Genius account will allow you to use the Golf Genius app to receive notifications from the league coordinators, enter scores live during events and weekly league play, and also follow the live Leaderboard to see who is winning!
    If you have trouble registering for any of the leagues, please contact the league coordinator directly so that we can assist you as needed.

  • March Newsletter - Spring is almost here!

    Check out Philadelphia Chapter's March newsletter by clicking the HERE

  • Have Your Friends Renewed Their 2022 Membership?

    We are excited to see that many of you have renewed your 2022 memberships for what promises to be an amazing year of golf, fun, and friendship! Thank you to all our members for supporting the Philadelphia Chapter and LPGA Amateurs by renewing and joining for 2022!

    Please remember to renew your membership by the March 15 deadline!

  • Maintaining USGA GolfNet Handicap Through 2022 -Instructions
    Maintaining USGA GolfNet Handicap Through 2022 -Instructions

    GolfNet Sunsetting Timeline:
    • Through December 31, 2022 - All members with active GolfNet accounts as of December 31, 2021 may continue using GolfNet through December 31, 2022
    • Beginning January 1, 2022
      • No new members may be added to GolfNet rosters
      • Inactive GolfNet accounts may not be reactivated  
    • Prior to December 22, 2021 - If you want to have access to GolfNet for 2022, please follow these steps to determine if your GolfNet account is active.
      • Go to and click on Sign In(in the upper right corner)
      • Once you have logged in to the Member Clubhouse, click on the “My Handicap” tab on the left side of the screen. 
      • On the Handicap page, the Post A Score link will take you to the GolfNet Handicap system
      • If your account is active, you will see your GolfNet Profile page
      • If your account inactive, you will see an error message indicating that your account is inactive
    To reactivate your account, send an email to with a request to reactivate your account. Please include your Chapter name. Reactivation requests must be received by December 22, 2021.
    Maintaining USGA GolfNet Handicap Through 2022 -Instructions

  • Our Chapter Message Board
    Our Chapter Message Board

    Want to stay in touch with other members?  Looking for updates to the current virus situation? Will you be looking for golfers to play with on a specific day once we are able to play?  Need course info? Just want to ask a question of other chapter members?

    Then try our new message board!  You'll be able to post your golf request or question and registered users will be able to respond to you. have to register first!  Here's how:

    Go to
    In the upper right corner of the page, click on Register and you'll be able to post on the board.

    Need help?  Click here

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