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Functional Golf System with LPGA Amateurs Philly member Angela Mohan

I am excited to share with you a program that I have completed to be recognized as a Functional Golf Specialist. The Functional Golf System is a new specialization offered by the Gray Institute. The Gray Institute is recognized as the leader in functional training, rehabilitation, and injury prevention. This new specialization has greatly enhanced my abilities to give a golfer the ability to swing the club better, more often and without pain.

What golfer doesn’t want that?!!

How do we do that?

The Functional Golf System is designed to help you with Full Swing Training or Swing Position Training (address backswing, impact and finish). Also the functional Golf System can be customized for an individual physical need and goal you might have of mobility, balance, strength, power or endurance. A sequence of movements can empower you with a fast and effective golf-specific warm up prior to practice or a round of golf. Play up to your potential by preparing your body to make your golf swing. Learn cool down and recovery strategies to reduce soreness for your next round or life endeavor. All of the programs are arranged in sequenced phases that start where you are successful and build on that success.

If that sounds good just wait, it gets better….

The Functional Golf System App allows me to easily send your customized golf specific training program right to your mobile device. You do not have to try and remember all the movements and worry about forgetting an exercise.

I invite you to schedule an appointment to experience all the Functional Golf System has to offer, enhancing your ability to swing better, more often and without pain.

With Thanks,

Gray Institute Functional Golf Specialist
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A Gray Institute – Functional Golf Specialist has the skill to:


  • Appreciate your general and golf specific movement ability.
  • Appreciate the components of your golf swing.
  • Determine if your body can attain the address, backswing, impact, and finish positions.
  • Recognize if your body needs to train more resources for mobility, balance, or power.
  • Select and customize sequenced training programs for you.
  • Provide you with warm-up, recovery, and range drill movements.
  • Ensure that your body can make your swing.

Some examples of warm up exercises
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