Chapter Leagues

One of the great benefits of belonging to LPGA Amateur Golf Association Philly is the ability to play in weekly leagues that are spread throughout the Philadelphia area. So why is this considered such a great benefit and why should you join a league?

  1. YOU CAN PLAY MORE GOLF: It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or scratch player, if you don't belong to a country club you probably don't play the amount of golf that you'd like because you don't know enough women golfers to play routinely and it becomes cumbersome to arrange weekly games.  The LPGA Amateurs Philly leagues offer the ability to play every week and/or even up to 3 times a week with women who love to play golf.
  2. YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR GAME:  By playing in a league, you constantly improve your game by learning from others and practicing weekly.  You'll start setting weekly goals for yourself.  You'll start thinking more strategically about how to navigate the course.  You'll get more focused on your game.  Some leagues offer weekly competitions/games that will boost your confidence in your ability to play.  Bottom line, the more you play, the better you'll play!
  3. YOU'LL MEET NEW FRIENDS:  It's amazing the amount of camaraderie that is created throughout the season.  Many women who have met through the LPGA Amateurs Philly leagues begin to play golf with each other outside of the league play.  LPGA Amateurs Philly members are extremely friendly and want to enhance other women's golf experiences.  You'll likely find someone to support your golf goals and even mentor you if you're just beginning. No need to avoid playing the game you'd love to play just because you think you'll be criticized for the way you play.  That's not our goal!

So if you're looking for a way to play more, better golf in a friendly environment, keep checking our league pages for updated information. To participate in our leagues, you must be a member of LPGA Amateur Golf Association. Guests are welcome to "try us out," by playing twice with one of our leagues before joining.

2022 Leagues

Pinecrest League:  Pinecrest Country Club, 101 Country Club Drive, Lansdale, PA

League Coordinator:  Sally Simpson

Level of play: All
Cost: $27 to walk / $37 to ride
Day: Wednesday evenings
Tee times between:  5:00-5:40 PM

Tee time groupings are randomly assigned from the pool of registered players who are available that week. Pairings will be mixed so that everyone gets to know each other.

The Grille will be open after the rounds for food and drinks. Orders can be placed prior to starting your round.

Please download the Golf Genius app and sign in to get weekly PineCrest league updates.

PineCrest league registration can be completed HERE in order to get weekly league updates.

White Manor League:  White Manor Country Club, 831 Providence Road, Malvern, PA

League Coordinators: Lisa Harding and Cindy Singley

Level of play: All
Cost: $40, cart required
Day: Monday evenings 
Tee times: 6:00 PM shotgun start. Occasionally there will be an option to select tee times. Please be ready to play at least 15 minutes before your tee time/shotgun start.

Please download the Golf Genius app and sign in to get weekly White Manor league updates.

White Manor league registration can be completed HERE in order to get weekly league updates.

The Traveling Match Play League

League Coordinator: Susan Hunsicker    215-576-5473

The Traveling Match Play League is a great opportunity to hone your match play skills, meet new people, and play new courses. In match play, you compete head to head with another golfer, one hole at a time. Your total score doesn’t matter. It’s a wonderful format for the inconsistent among us – and who can say their golf game IS consistent? Everyone who joins the league will play a minimum of two matches, and possibly as many as four. The exact format will depend on how many sign up.

For each match, you and your opponent will decide where to play and when, within a set time window, usually including three weekends. The results of each match will determine the setup of the next round. The league usually begins in early May and runs through July. The only requirement is that you have an official, verifiable handicap, such as through LPGA Amateurs or GHIN. So plan to sign up. Golf season will be here before you know it!