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As you take lessons and begin to play 9- or 18-hole rounds, you need to establish a golf Handicap Index. This allows to you compete against other players, regardless of playing ability in a net format. A net format uses your gross score minus strokes for your course handicap. LPGA Ams uses net formats for all events. This way, you can have fun playing with fellow golfers and compete.

To establish a golf Handicap Index, you need to have a GHIN (Golf Handicap & Information Network) account. GHIN is the software which tracks and calculates your Handicap Index.

To assist you in finding a GHIN provider, here is some information and options.

 GHIN fees are charged January through December.

  • Fees vary by club/course and could be from $15 to $50.
  • If you are not a member of a club or course you can select any club or course to create your GHIN number. It could be the closest club near your home, or any course.
  • Get a GHIN through FSGA. FSGA is the state golf association which oversees all Florida golf courses. You will need to create an account with them and purchase a handicap. You do not need to become a member of FSGA. 


For more information about establishing a Handicap Index, click on this USGA link. 


Handicap Updates for 2024 

World Handicap System (WHS) Changes for 2024 - please be aware of the following 2 key changes beginning January 1,2024.  These changes include new score differential calculations to be done by the WHS and will require players to input their scores on a hole by hole basis.  Additional changes and information can be found at USGA 2024 Handicapping Revisions.  As a note, it would be best if we would all enter scores hole by hole for every round we play - it’s not difficult and it can provide valuable scoring data for your viewing pleasure.

 1.  9-hole scores

  • Previously, two posted 9 hole scores were combined to create an 18 hole score differential. 
  • Beginning in 2024, when a 9-hole score is posted, WHS will calculate an 18 hole score differential on the remaining 9 holes which will allow the 9-hole round to be considered in the player’s Handicap Index calculation right away.  The calculation will be based on the player’s entered 9-hole score differential along with the expected score differential of the other 9 holes based on the player’s current Handicap Index.  Watch this video for further explanation: 9 Hole Score Revision for 2024 

2.  Holes Not Played in a Round

  • Previously, when 10 to 13 holes were played, scores made on holes 10-13 were disregarded and a 9-hole score was posted. When 14-17 holes were played, par plus dots was used for the remaining holes to allow an 18-hole score to be posted.      
  • Beginning in 2024, when 10-17 holes are played, WHS will calculate an 18 hole score differential on any remaining holes not played. To accomplish this, players MUST enter hole by hole scores for the holes that were played and leave the holes not played blank. The WHS calculation will consider the score differential of the holes played to determine expected scores for the remaining holes not played.   Review for further explanation: Hole(s) Not Played Under the World Handicap System™.


Please contact Lori Collins, Handicap Chair, for questions or assistance with your handicap.  She can be reached at lcollinsgolf@ yahoo.com

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