GHIN 2024 Handicap Opportunity:

Beginning 1/1/2023, LPGA Amateurs required each Chapter and/or golfer to find their own handicap system. As a result, the Cleveland Chapter established a handicap club with the Northern Ohio Golf Association (NOGA). This provides an easy option for our members to maintain an official USGA Handicap through the Golf Handicap Index Network (GHIN).  YOU MUST BE 2024 LPGA CHAPTER MEMBER to take advantage of $20 fee.   Please know, you have choices:

• A handicap is NOT required to participate in many of the non-competitive golf activities offered through our chapter, such as many of the weekly league-night games, golf clinics and weekend travel golf. You can be a member and play in our Chapter without a handicap.

• GHIN Handicap elsewhere: you may use a GHIN handicap system offered through a golf course, golf club, or other system. However, our Chapter needs basic information about your handicap if you are competing at our events.

• Non-GHIN Handicap: If you have a handicap through an online non-GHIN source, unfortunately, you will not be eligible to compete for handicap-based prizes and some of our competitive events. It is your responsibility to determine if your handicap source is accessible via GHIN.

• You may take advantage of the convenience and discounted pricing of the handicap system offered through the Cleveland Chapter. We offer the best price


  1. Establish or renew using the Chapter handicap club with the Golf Association (NOGA) from 4/1/2024 through 3/31/2025:  The 2024 fee is $20 for the season. The Board will subsidize the remaining portion of NOGA’s fee ($35.10).   The subsidy is reviewed annually, and may be adjusted from year to year.  Wendy Shick (Cleveland Chapter handicap chair) manages the system and is able to assist with corrections. Your handicap will be qualified to win the Cleveland Chapter Most Improved Golfer award.  DO NOT CONTACT NOGA to establish or renew your handicap. Wendy Shick will coordinate the process.  To select this option, click HERE to pay the $20 annual fee.

  2. I have access to a GHIN handicap from another source for 2024- to select this option, click HERE.

  3. I will not establish a GHIN handicap for 2024.  I understand I will not be able to fully participate in ALL events of the chapter and other LPGA Amateurs national competitive events. To select this option, click HERE.

    We hope ALL members will decide to establish a GHIN handicap. It is a way to track your progress as a golfer, help understand when you actually played well, allows access to ALL of our chapter events, allows golfers of all abilities to compete together and unlocks opportunities to win some prizes and cash. A handicap maximizes the investment in your LPGA Amateurs membership and enriches the wonderful game of golf.

    Contact Wendy Shick at wendy.shick@gmail.com with any questions.


    Handicapping 101 and Scoring -  Click HERE for LPGA Amateurs Cleveland Chapter's printable review.

    Your NOGA membership comes with multiple benefits, including golf events and tournaments.  Click here to see the benefits page.  To sign up for player information about tournaments, click here.



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