Why do I need a golf handicap?

For newcomers and seasoned golfers alike, getting a Handicap Index and understanding it can be one of the great mysteries of golf. But it doesn’t need to be. Through a series of articles, we will take a look at defining a golf handicap, explaining how it’s calculated, how to establish one, and making it work for you!

Let’s start with the first big question, “Why do I even need a handicap?”

A golf handicap makes it possible for fair competition between players of different ability whether it’s in competitive matches, a friendly wager between friends, or a skins game with money on the line just like the Pros! To put it simply, handicaps are equalizers.

If you get invited to play in a company or charity golf tournament, they will likely want to know your handicap in order to make the event fair for everyone. By having a handicap, you can be paired properly.

For any of you who plan on playing courses abroad, a handicap index may be required. There are many courses that will not let you have a tee time without a verifiable handicap.

The following links will provide pdf's that you can read and/or print out...

What is a Handicap Index?

Handicap Differentials Explained

Using your Handicap - Stroke Play Format

Using your Handicap - Match Play Format

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