Central Indiana Chapter
Chapter Leagues
any of 7 leagues 2019 Mon Tue Wed Thu
5/04/2020 Week 1 Eagle Creek (9)
Brickyard (9,9) Plum Creek (9), Smock (9,9)
5/11/2020 Week 2 GCI (9)
Pleasant Run (9) River Glen (9,9), Smock (9,9)

Leagues Start 5/4/2020 Register at http://eepurl.com/gjpBOj

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Leagues Start 4/29/2019 Register

Registration Fee $20 for the entire season.  The fee will be used for prizes and support the year -end banquet.

You are allowed to play any league night as often as you like. There is no pre-pay commitment pay at the course before you play.  The chapter will send a league invite email 4 days prior to the league night and we ask that you reply requesting a tee time. League coordinators will send a tee time during the day prior to the league.  Should a conflict occur we ask that you text the coordinator prior to the First Tee Time, which will generally be 5:30pm.


League Locations:

Eagle Creek Golf Course

8802 W 56th St Indianapolis, IN 46278

(317) 297-3366

CoO:Joyce Newland

(317) 374-8120


The Brickyard

4400 W 16th St Indianapolis, IN 46222  

(317) 492-6417

CoO: Rose Cross

(317) 209-4021


Pleasant Run Golf Course

610 N Arlington St Indianapolis, IN 46219

(317) 357-0829

CoO: Charline Avey

(317) 407-3621


River Glen Golf Course

12010 Clubhouse Dr Fishers, IN 46038

(317) 849-8274

CoO: Paula Richie

(317) 607-2287


Golf Club of Indiana

6905 S 525 E Lebanon, IN            46052

(317) 769-6388

CoO:Christie Snyder

(317) 771-0081


Smock Golf Club

3910 County Line Rd Indianapolis, IN 46237

(317) 888-0036

CoO:Maryann Kriner

(317) 784-3382