Westchester Chapter
Chapter Leagues

Leagues offer weekly fun and/or competitive play, in addition to an opportunity for socializing and networking on the golf course as well as after the round.  League play provides you with an opportunity to participate in regularly scheduled tee times - one of the best ways to improve your golf game.

LPGA Amateurs - Westchester offers a variety of 9-hole league opportunities for beginners to intermediate and advanced players.   

  • New Golfer Leagues offer regular league play opportunities for beginner golfers or those who have only played occasionally and may not have a handicap.    Our New Golfer League is held at Saxon Woods Golf Course on Tuesday evenings.    
  • Social Golfer Leagues offer weekly playing opportunities on challenging courses for a range of players from advanced beginners with more golf experience, to intermediate and advanced players.   We offer several Social Golfer Leagues during the season at Saxon Woods Golf Course and Sprain Lakes Golf Course.  
  • Competitive Golfer Leagues provide competitive team playing opportunities on more difficult courses for experienced advanced players.    Our Competitive Team Match Play Golf League is held at Westchester Hills Golf Club.  We also offer a competitive league at Lake Isle Country Club.
  • Weekend Open Play Days provide you with the flexibility to play golf when it fits your schedule, without the commitment of joining a fixed weekly league.  Our Weekend Open Play Days are held throughout the season at a variety of local courses.  This year, we will play at Richter Park, West Point, Mansion Ridge, Links at Unionvale, Centennial, Apple Greens and more!  
  • Mentored Beginner Open Play Days are ideal for new golfers who are interested in playing in a friendly environment to get comfortable with being out on the golf course.  Our Beginner Open Play Days are held throughout the season at a variety of local courses and an experienced mentor joins the players for a fun Scramble round.   
For more information, schedules and to register for our 2020 Leagues and Open Play Days, check out the Quick Links below or visit our LPGA Amateurs Westchester Event Calendar.   Registration for Leagues is on a first-come, first-served basis and will open at the annual Tee-Off Luncheon.  


Sprain Spring 4/22 to 5/27   Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
Saxon Summer Beginner 6/2 to 8/20 Beginner to Advanced Beginner
Saxon Summer 6/3 to 8/19 Intermediate
Sprain Summer  6/4 to 8/20   Intermediate to Advanced
Lake Isles Competitive 5/21 to 8/20 Intermediate to Advanced
Westchester Hills Competitive  4/29 to 8/12  Advanced
Sprain Fall  9/5 Advanced Beginner to Intermediate