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Greetings Everyone!  Latest President Update:


In just about each newsletter, I have made a pitch for members to help with the leadership of this organization.  It is unfortunate that few have expressed interest.  Because we are down our Events Chair, I assumed these duties in order to keep the primary mission of our organization going.  That primary mission is "to provide our members with as many opportunities to participate in organized learning, playing, and competitive events as possible; from beginners to experienced lifelong golfers".  If, as I believe, members enjoy the event opportunities this chapter offers and want them to continue, we are at a critical point for others to step forward and help.  Since it is clear there is apprehension to own a leadership role, I ask every member to consider leading a single golf monthly event, league or social event.  At this point, that is all I am asking, in part to get some personal relief, but more importantly, to get more members engaged and invested in the continuation of the chapter.  I have mentioned this to others but I cannot be President for life.  LPGA Amateurs has a hard 4 year rule for chapter officers to hold their positions.  I know time has flown by but our chapter, having been founded in 2021, is at the mid point of it's third year.  The clock is ticking and we need to get more leader engagement or our chapter is at risk.   Anyone willing to assist will have the training, support and assistance of the full leadership team.  If you can help in anyway email me at Presidentlpgaamateursleechar@gmail.com.

Natalia E. Armstrong 

LPGA Amateurs Lee-Charlotte Counties Chapter
(201) 572-0518

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