About Us

Well we are here!  It took a few months and work from so many people, but your LPGA Amateurs Lee-Charlotte Counties Chapter is official. 

I am so excited to be part of this new Chapter and welcome all our members.  The supported demand for this Chapter is reflected in the immediate membership signup response just in the first two weeks of our existence.  As of this posting we already have 23 members. 

This Chapter came together with the hard work of those who reflected interest in a Chapter closer to home and some incredible LPGA Amateurs staff members. 

Your inaugural Board of Officers, the Area of Responsibility Chairs and I are working hard to schedule and deliver golf and social opportunities in the next few weeks.  We know everyone did not join for the same reason. However, golf is the common thread through each member’s choosing of LPGA Amateurs. 

Our primary focus for now is getting golf events scheduled.  Please monitor this website for event postings, and look for our first newsletter early in March. Our Facebook site is LPGA Amateurs Lee-Charlotte Counties FL Chapter, where we will also be posting updates.

Thank you,

Natalia Armstrong


LPGA Amateurs Lee-Charlotte Counties FL Chapter