Chapter Policies


Golf Events:  Activities scheduled for people to get together to play the same course at the same time. These can be set up using a variety of golf formats and some events may have a more competitive emphasis. “Fun” golf is available as an option during all competitive Golf Events.

Weekly Play or League:   A series of scheduled tee times, usually during the week after work, in which members sign up and pay in advance to play.

Educational Opportunities:   Golf education or personal development sessions  throughout the year and are especially designed to meet the needs of the Chapter members.  Arrangements and/or discounts may be made with local instructors to provide lessons or other educational opportunities to members on group or  individual basis.

Non-Golf Events:  Any gathering of LPGA Amateurs members that does not include golf. Examples of these events include beginning and end of season celebrations, business and other networking functions, social functions and activities to learn more about LPGA Amateurs. (i.e., Member Orientation). 


Participation in an LPGA Amateurs event, league, educational series, or social function requires pre-registration using the appropriate form and payment process.  This information must be received by the posted deadline.  Registration procedures are typically e-mailed to members and/or posted on the website.

Last minute registrations must be approved by the event coordinator to ensure the venue or activity can accommodate late registrations.


Golf Events, Educational Series, Non-Golf Events:  Registrant must contact the coordinator no later than 7 (seven) days in advance or as specified in the event’s announcement of the function date to determine if a refund is possible.  Refunds are not available if the Chapter has made payment to the facility.  Some fees may be transferable to other events.  Refunds will always be net of any administrative costs.  The Chapter Golf Events Chair will make the final determination for any refund in question.

Weekly Play or League:  No refunds will be given for Weekly or League Play.  If the golfer cannot play, it will be the responsibility of the golfer to find a substitute and collect the green fees from them if they want reimbursement.  The League Coordinator will have a list of possible substitutes or the golfer can find her own substitute.


Guests/non-members are invited to participate in some Chapter activities as detailed in each category below. However, a guest/non-member may not participate in more than three (3) Chapter activities in the same calendar year.

Golf Events: Guest/non-members are welcome to participate when the event is not an exclusive member only event.  Members have priority registration and there may be a cost differential for all guests/non-members.  

Educational Opportunities:  Members have priority registration and may be opened to non-members with a cost differential if there is space available.

Non-Golf Functions:  Guests/non-members are welcome to attend non-golf functions unless otherwise specifically noted in the event information.

Weekly Play or League:  Guest/non-members are welcome to participate.  There may be a cost differential for all guests/non-members. 


Completed and paid registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Every effort will be made to accommodate all registrants for events.  Based on the course and timing, it may not be possible to do so.


LPGA Amateurs Lee-Charlotte Counties will make every effort not to cancel events.  If an event is cancelled, members will be notified as soon as practical.  Refunds or credit for a different event will be given to the participants. 

After play has commenced, cash refunds will be given only if the golf course agrees to refund the chapter.

Rain checks may be issued by the course to be used at a later date by the individual golfer, independent of an LPGA Amateurs Lee-Charlotte Counties event. This is an individual golf course policy.


Any non-member participating in an LPGA Amateurs Lee-Charlotte Counties Weekly Play, League or Golf Event is required to sign a Release and Indemnification Agreement.  Forms will be available at any event where non-members can participate.

LPGA Amateurs Members automatically acknowledge this release and indemnification when they join or renew.


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