Women Golfers of Orange County Chapter
Chapter Policies

It happens, even in California! If there is cancellation of an event due to weather and the course/event agrees to release the Chapter of financial responsibility, the event will either be rescheduled or all fees refunded. If rescheduled, the Chapter will give current participants an opportunity to cancel with refund within a specific time frame. The Events Coordinator or committee designee will always work with the courses to provide the Chapter with a 'fair' financial decision. 

Please be aware that when a participant cancels after the specified deadline, or the participant elects individually not to participate due to weather or other external factors, there is no guarantee of refund. The event coordinator has the sole discretion make modifications during the specific event about refunds after the deadline based on whether the course or event sponsor has already charged the chapter for the event. Cancellations within 24 hours of the tee time may result in a $25 penalty fee.  

We will always try to get our members a refund!


Event registration is available two ways:  1) On this website under Chapter Events or 2) Emails to our members. Last minute registrations may be possible but is at the discretion of the Event Coordinator depending on the event venue. Please see the Cancellation Policy for additional details about registration and cancellations.

WE SAY YES TO OUR GUESTS! We have many events throughout the year where guests can be invited to golf. There are a few exceptions such as competitions, and golf series events like our Roger Dunn Series. Most other events are perfect venues for guests!  Registrations will ALWAYS let you know if Members can bring guests on the registration page of each event.  Remember if you bring a guest and your guest becomes a member, YOU GET $50 off your next event!

If you would like any additional information on policies, no problem!  Send us an email and we can provide details on detailed LPGA Amateur Chapter Bylaws and Local Chapter Policies.  Email Us