LPGA Amateur Orange County Handicap Committee 

The Handicap Committee is chartered to foster the development of new players as they establish a golf handicap and to promote and maintain the integrity of all members’ handicaps. The role of the Handicap Committee is to assure that member handicaps are accurate, provide handicap education, assist new members with obtaining a handicap, and provide handicap verification.  Any questions you have regarding handicap can be directed to:

Where do I get a Handicap ?


The USGA (United States Golf Association) is the game's governing authority of the World Handicap System, dedicated to serving all golfers - men, women, and juniors. The SCGA (Southern California Golf Association, ) is the Southern California region’s AGA (Allied Golf Association) and will issue GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network) numbers to members.  Your GHIN number allows you to post scores that determine your handicap and is established through your membership in SCGA. 

You may join the SCGA through your membership to LPGA Amateur-OC and pay its $36 fee here.

Join SCGA through LPGAA-OC

The SCGA will assign you a GHIN number if you don't already have one.   

You are not required to have your SCGA membership through LPGAA-OC. You may join SCGA through other clubs you belong to or through various golf stores.   You just need to have a GHIN number issued through SCGA to participate in chapter tournaments or chapter events that award score based prizes.  

Once you have joined SCGA, you will receive monthly updates and  yearly renewal notices via email directly from them. In addition to your handicap, your SCGA membership also includes access to SCGA sponsored Championships and Play Dates throughout Southern California.  These events are well run and welcome various skill levels.

Posting Rounds

Member’s must post all acceptable rounds.  An acceptable round is one played in which the principles of the Rules of Golf and the World Handicap System are followed.  The rounds should be posted by midnight of the day of the round, and the  player’s Index will be updated the following day.  Rounds are posted on the GHIN.com website or on a the USGA-GHIN mobile app.  Rounds may be posted either "hole by hole" or as a total score.  When counting up a total score, the score used for anyhole must not exceed the maximum allowable score for that hole.  You may also post your score hole by hole, record a hole score above your maximum allowable (such as double par), and the system will calculate your correct handicap.   In addition,nine-hole scores must be posted and will be used immediately for handicap calculations.

  • If you play 10 to 17 holes but don't finish a round due to weather, darkness, injury or another valid reason, simply post your score using the hole-by-hole option for the holes you did play and leave the score for the unplayed holes blank.   Read more here...
  • post you most likely score whenever you pick up on holes played due to being out of contention in a team play or conceding a hole in match play.  Read more here...
  • if you are playing a tournament and are disqualified but still have an acceptable score, you must post.


Additional Information

Overviews of everything you need to know about a handicap, can be found here at the links below.




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