Chapter Policies

LPGA Amateur Golf Association of Palm Beach County


Effective Date:  April 1, 2021

 Our Chapters viability rests on our ability to engage area golf courses to permit us to play, as a group, on their courses.  We have been very successful in gaining access to multiple private courses over the past several years due to the strong organization and cooperation of membership.  The Chapter is obligated to the event venue for a specific number of participants and is responsible to pay for our total commitment.  This policy will ensure all courses are paid for the full number of golfers we commit to at the time they are rendered a tee sheet for weekend golf outings.

This policy will enable the tee captain or a designated responsible party to be the only person to enter the pro shop to pay for the entire field on the day of the outing.  It will allow each player the opportunity to bypass the payment process and time taken for this function on the day of golf.

  1. Effective April 1, 2021 ALL WEEKEND organized golf outings will be on a PREPAID BASIS.
  1. Upon registration for an event/outing you will be required to pay the stated fee to participate via credit card.
  2. WAITLISTED:If you are waitlisted for the outing you will not be prompted to enter payment information UNTIL you are moved to the active list as a participant.
  3. Waitlisted members will be notified via Golf Genius that an opening has occurred and can make a decision to play or forego the opportunity.
  4. RESPONSE TO THE NOTIFICATION – If notification is received a week or longer prior to the date of the event, a player will have 24 hours to decide to play or not once the notification is received that they can be moved to the active roster and complete the payment information.
  5. Notification received the week of the event – the player must respond within 12 hours and enter their payment information or click CANNOT PLAY.
  6. The tee captain or a designee may send an email to all active roster players indicating the event is nearing and announce an estimated “close” date for cancellations.
  7. A tee sheet will be sent out to all players on the active registration prior to the event.Once the tee sheet is sent the outing/event is considered CLOSED and you will not be able to cancel your registration via Golf Genius.(NOTE:this tee sheet will not be sent to anyone on the waitlist.)


  1. Every member registered for the outing on the active list has up to the day the tee sheet is issued to cancel participation through Golf Genius.
  2. This requires all members to be cognizant of the events they have signed up for and to take responsibility for cancelling prior to the tee sheet issuance when they know they have a conflict or need to cancel.
  3. If you cancel PRIOR to the tee sheet being issued, your credit card will be refunded the amount you paid minus the Golf Genius fee that the Chapter is charged by the vendor (this is a 4% fee that we do not control).
  4. The refund may take up to 3-5 days to show on your credit after cancellation on your credit card.
  5. A participant cancelling AFTER the tee sheet has been issued WILL NOT BE REFUNDED for the event.

It should be noted that creating a tee sheet based on all member preferences, etc. is a cumbersome task and takes a considerable amount of time.

3. The only time a golf outing will be cancelled is:

  1. When the golf course cancels the outing for whatever reason.
  2. When the tee captain cancels the outing after communication with the golf course and a joint decision is made that cancellation is in everyone’s best interest.
  3. Refunds will be processed within three days of the cancellation.

If the golf course offers the Chapter a reschedule date, participants will have the option of holding their reservation for the later date or be refunded.


  1. Despite a predication of possible rain, we golf on unless the course cancels activity on the course prior to our tee times.Rain gear should be part of your golfing tool kit in your car.
  2. Participants cancelling due to predicted or possible rain after the tee sheet has been issued rain will not be refunded as noted above in 3(e).


The LPGA Amateur Golf Association operates with a set of Core Values that defines the expected conduct of the Association, the Chapters, and everyone associated with the Association.
The Association believes in and conducts itself according to the values embodied by the game of golf: Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Honor, Sportsmanship, Fun and Friendship
The LPGA Amateur Golf Association is dedicated to:

  • Inclusive and diversity; golf is for all
  • Golf as an important asset for women in business
  • Volunteer service
  • Mentoring and support for new golfers
  • Advancement of skills for all golfers
  • Making a difference in women’s golf
  • Professionalism in our operations and relationships


Can I play at an LPGA Amateur Golf Association golf outing, league or event if I'm not a member
Absolutely!  We'd love to meet you.  As a non-member you may participate at up to two golf outings then we ask that you join our wonderful chapter.  However, this is specific to non-competitive events and excludes tournaments, which requires LPGA Amateurs Golf Association membership.

How do I update my member profile?
Go to Log in and select "My Information" from the menu on the left side of the page.  This information links up to the Chapter Website so only update required to keep your profile information up to date.

Can I contact other chapter members through the Website?
Once you log in you will have full functionality on the website. Go to the Directory pull down.  From there you'll be able to find a Member.  Click on the name and you will have the option to email the person.

Can the public access my email through the Find a Member option?
No. Only chapter members who are logged in can access this information.  Log in is only available to members.
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