Palm Beach County Chapter
Chapter Policies


  1. All Events will budget for a 5% “profit” in order to cover PayPal expenses (By rule, these cannot be charged only to individuals using PayPal.)
  2. Non-member release form to be used at all events. Guests are to sign this form.
  3. Selected events will be restricted to individuals with an official USGA handicap index.
  4. There is a $20 League fee for Primary and Dual Members.  During the halfway point of any given league the fee will drop by half to $10, for those who want to participate at midterm.  
  5. League play is allowed for a guestone time only, for a $5 fee. For continued participation in a league, the individual must join LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Palm Beach Country and pay the league fee.  
  6. In order to receive a refund for any event, 72 hour notice is required.
  7. Guests, Non-LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Palm Beach County members are limited to participating in Saturday Golf, Sunday Golf, or other outing, a maximum of two times per year. After two participations, the individual will be required to join the LPGA Amateur Golf Association - PBC chapter (either as primary or dual member) to continue participating in our outings. This policy does not apply to events where a guest fee is advertised.
  8. Certain events throughout the year will support the “Board Discretionary Fund” with either profits from the event or proceeds from a 50/50 drawing. This discretionary fund may be used to support chapter members who qualify for the National Championship. The fund may be used for other purposes the board deems appropriate.


The LPGA Amateur Golf Association operates with a set of Core Values that defines the expected conduct of the Association, the Chapters, and everyone associated with the Association.
The Association believes in and conducts itself according to the values embodied by the game of golf: Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Honor, Sportsmanship, Fun and Friendship
The LPGA Amateur Golf Association is dedicated to:

  • Inclusivity and diversity; golf is for all
  • Golf as an important asset for women in business
  • Volunteer service
  • Mentoring and support for new golfers
  • Advancement of skills for all golfers
  • Making a difference in women’s golf
  • Professionalism in our operations and relationships


Can I play at an LPGA Amateur Golf Association golf outing, league or event if I'm not a member
Absolutely!  We'd love to meet you.  As a non-member you may participate at up to two golf outings then we ask that you join our wonderful chapter.  However, this is specific to non-competitive events and excludes tournaments, which requires LPGA Amateurs Golf Association membership.

How do I update my member profile?
Go to Log in and select "My Information" from the menu on the left side of the page.  This information links up to the Chapter Website so only update required to keep your profile information up to date.

Will I get a refund if I cancel?
If you cancel prior 72 hours in advance to the registration deadline you will receive all but the any fee incurred by the chapter such as the paypal or any other fee. Last minute cancellations and cancellations after the registration deadline will depend on the circumstances. We usually have to guarantee payment for a specific number of participants.  If the chapter is charged for your participation we will not be able to refund your registration.

What if I register online, opt to pay at the course, but don't show?
We frequently allow members to pay at the event. While we extend this as a courtesy, please be aware that you are still obligated to pay if the Chapter incurs expenses related to your "no-show". Same goes for your guests.  We encourage you to bring guests and introduce them to LPGA Amateur Golf Association but if we incur unrecoverable costs we expect to be reimbursed.

Can I contact other chapter members through the Website?
Once you log in you will have full functionality on the website. Go to the Directory pull down.  From there you'll be able to find a Member.  Click on the name and you will have the option to email the person.

Can the public access my email through the Find a Member option?
No. Only chapter members who are logged in can access this information.  Log in is only available to members.
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