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LPGA Amateur Golf Association members share the responsibility of demonstrating exemplary conduct, sportsmanship, respect, and courtesy at all times when participating in LPGA Amateurs events and conducting LPGA Amateurs business. Behavior contrary to this is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. LPGA Amateur Golf Association members are reminded that they represent the LPGA, including LPGA Tour Players, LPGA Professionals, Girls Golf, and fellow LPGA Amateurs’ members.
Consequences for a breach in the code of conduct are based on the past history of the member’s conduct and the severity of the situation. Examples of a breach in the Code of Conduct by an LPGA Amateurs member that may result in consequences include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Use of profanity, either in frustration or directed toward another individual
  • Inappropriate, derogatory, disrespectful, or abusive language/gestures
  • Disruptive or distracting behavior
  • Making threats of any kind, including physical attacks or damage to property
  • Throwing of equipment or other items
  • Intentionally causing damage to the golf course, objects on course property or facility
  • Use of cell phone / electronic device for purposes other than those permitted by the Rules
  • Other unbecoming or inappropriate conduct as determined by the LPGA Amateur Golf Association

Code of Conduct Consequences: ·        First breach: Verbal warning ·        Second breach: Written warning ·        Third breach: Member is put on probation for 3 months ·        Fourth breach or serious misconduct: Suspension of membership for 6 months (No participation allowed at local or association-wide events and activities) ·        Fifth breach or serious misconduct: Termination of membership
Code of Conduct Consequences at Local and Association-wide Competitive Events:

  • First breach: Verbal warning
  • Second breach: One-stroke penalty
  • Third breach: General penalty (two penalty strokes or loss of hole in match play)
  • Fourth breach or any serious misconduct: Disqualification

*The LPGA Amateur Golf Association™ has the authority to assess consequences and/or revoke a membership at any time if serious misconduct occurs.
Information regarding the suspension and termination of membership, and the appeal process can be found in the LPGA Amateurs Member Terms and Conditions


LEAGUE POLICIES:  All leagues are managed via Golf Genius™.

Waiver: All members (and guests) play and participate at their own risk and adhere to local, state and government advisories.

Contacts: Click on the Events/Leagues tab on the Chapter website for a current list of our leagues and League Captains. For help with Golf Genius registration contact the League Captain (via the link on the website) or Kim Byle at (

League Registration: The link to register for each league can be accessed via the Chapter website. Click on the link to access the league registration form and sign up by clicking on the Register Now button. You name and email address will be added to the League Roster. You will need to register for each league separately.

Round Registration: Each week a message is sent out via email inviting you to play in that week’s round. Simply reply Playing or Not Playing (note that no reply is equivalent to Not Playing). If Playing, you will be added to that week’s Round Roster. Golf Genius logs the order in which players register and automatically generates a waitlist if a set headcount limit is reached; waitlisted players will be added to the round roster in the order in which they are waitlisted. Note, there will be no Sunday league play on dates that conflict with the monthly golf events.

Guest Policy: A guest/non-member is welcome to play in up to two Chapter golf activities within a calendar year. Further participation requires membership in the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Tampa Bay Chapter. Note, leagues generally have limited tee times at their respective golf courses, but may be able to accommodate all guest requests given sufficient advance notice. It is recommended that members contact the League Captain, in advance, if they plan to invite a guest. Participation in the leagues is one of the major benefits of membership in the Chapter; priority will be given to members of the Chapter, should the maximum headcount be exceeded.

Payments: Players are responsible for paying the golf course directly on the day of play. League rates cover golf with a cart assuming two riders per cart. Single rider carts may be available for an upcharge, depending upon the golf facility policy.

Pairings: League Captain will schedule pairings. Pairing requests will be taken into consideration, but cannot always be guaranteed. A day or two prior to play, the League Captains typically email the tee sheet.

Cancellations: Members should contact the League Captain if they have to cancel so that adjustments to the pairings can be made, if possible. Note that at Westchase, each week the names of the players have to be submitted to the Director of Golf 48 hours in advance. If a player needs to cancel within the 48-hour window, in addition to contacting the League Captain, they need to call the Pro Shop to have their name removed from the tee sheet.


Updated February 9, 2023


EVENT POLICIES: All leagues are managed via Golf Genius™.

Waiver: All members play and participate at their own risk and adhere to local, state and government advisories.

Waiver: All members play and participate at their own risk and adhere to local, state and government advisories.

Contacts: Click on the Events/Leagues tab on the Chapter website for the calendar of events, including the event details and Event Coordinator.

Registration: Registration will typically open approximately 3 weeks prior to the event and close around 1 week prior. The links to register will be posted on the website home page and in an e-blast sent out to Members when registration opens. All participants must register for events online via Golf Genius™. If the event is full, you will be placed on its waitlist. Waitlisted players will be cleared in the order in which they register. For help with Golf Genius™ registration contact the Event Coordinator (via the link on the website) or Kim Byle at (

Guest Policy: Guests are welcome to attend events that include a non-member option. Events may be set up to offer priority registration to Members, then open up to guest registration if space allows. Guest fee is typically higher than the member fee because guests are not eligible for any member discount. Guests are required to sign a Release and Indemnification Agreement prior to participation in a Chapter Event. A guest/non-member may not participate in more than two (2) Chapter activities in the same calendar year, excluding social events.

Payments: Members and guests must pay by credit card during registration.

Cancellations/Refunds: In Golf Genius™, refunds are subject to a 4% administrative charge to cover the transaction fees. Typically, no refunds will be given after the registration deadline, and prior to the event date. Refunds after the event date may be issued provided the venue does not charge us for the total headcount submitted once registration closed.  Contact the Event Coordinator if you are not able to attend an event that you have registered for, and to request a refund.

Rain Out Policy: If a golf event is canceled due to inclement weather, the rain check policy for the golf course applies. The Event Coordinator will work with the golf course to determine if rain checks will be given or if the event will be canceled or rescheduled. If the event is canceled, or if members are not able to play on a rescheduled date, refunds will be issued.


Updated February 9, 2023



Florida State Golf Association offers on-line USGA Handicap Indexes via its website ( and its mobile app.

LPGA Amateurs Tampa Bay is a recognized club in the Florida State Golf Association. Our Chapter offers its members the opportunity to purchase a FSGA-GHIN Handicap at a discounted price of $25 (a $20 saving). Our Chapter Handicap Administrator is Sandi Buell.  If you have questions or need assistance, email Sandi at or call 727-415-8036.

To purchase an annual Handicap membership through the Chapter, you first need to register through our Golf Genius™ FSGA-GHIN portal, TB - FSGA GHIN Event :: (, or via the registration link on our Chapter website located under the Education tab.

A notice will be sent out each November offering you the opportunity to renew your Handicap membership, at our discounted rate, for the next calendar year.

All Chapter members are encouraged to maintain a Handicap Index (HI). An active HI is required to participate in the Associations national golf events. At the Chapter level, an active HI may be required for some events, and optional for others, but without one you might not be eligible to win prizes.

A HI enables golfers of different abilities to play and compete on a fair basis, in any format and on any course. Your HI represents your demonstrated playing ability, based upon your scores relative to the course and tees played. It can be used:

  • To have a fair game during a casual round with friends
  • As a progress tracker for your game
  • To enter a competition
  • For equity in a competition



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