The World Handicap System (WHS) went into effect in 2020. Click here for an overview of the WHS.

Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) is being replaced by Maximum Score which is defined as net double bogey (= Par + 2 + Handicap Strokes). The updated databases will allow you to enter your hole-by-hole gross scores and will automatically adjust down to maximum score if needed. 

TO RENEW YOUR GHIN. CLICK HERE. Our Chapter Handicap Administrator is Sandi Buell.  If you have questions or need assistance, email her at svbuell@yahoo.com or call 727-415-8036. She can assist you in many ways: 

  • Database (GolfNet) included with your LPGA Amateurs membership.
  • Change or Delete Scores/Rounds when you have issues.
  • Update your LPGA Amateurs Handicap (GolfNet) Status.
If you have not entered scores for more than 12 months, GolfNet will automatically set you to Inactive. Sandi can adjust your status to Active once you begin playing again.

If you choose to maintain your handicap through a different system (e.g., private country club, GHIN), Sandi can change your GolfNet Handicap status to Inactive. 
We do not recommend maintaining your Handicap Index in more than one system.

For our members who maintain their USGA Handicap with Florida State Golf Association (FSGA), click here for access to FSGA Handicaps

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