Chapter Policies

Event Policies


  • Participation in an LPGA Amateurs event, league, educational series, or social function requires pre-registration using the appropriate payment processes. Registration procedures are e-mailed to members and posted on the Chapter website.
  • Members can pay by credit card through PayPal at the time of online registration.


  • Members must register and submit payment by the designated event deadline -- late registrations may not be accepted.


  • A refund for an event will be provided with 72-hours advance notice. No refunds for individual cancellation will be given after the 72 hour advance notice window. No refunds are available for absences. Refunds will always be net of any administrative costs.


  • If an event is cancelled by the Chapter refunds will be paid in full net of any administrative costs.
  • Completed and paid registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. If there is a wait list for an event, a player who requests a cancellation will receive a full refund net of any administrative costs if someone on the wait list fills their position.
  • Substitutes are allowed if a member is unable to attend an event. The member must contact the Event Chair to inform them that they have a substitute and the substitute should pay them directly.


  • Non-members are welcome to all events that include a non-member guest option. Guests may not participate in member-only events as these opportunities are the benefit of being a member of LPGA Amateurs.
  • Non-members are limited to participating in a Pittsburgh-Sponsored LPGA Amateurs event a maximum of two times per year. After two participations the individual will be required to join LPGA Amateurs in order to continue participation. This includes golf events, social events, and leagues.
  • All non-members must sign a Release and Indemnification form for participation in any Chapter activity.
  • If an event is rained-out, the rain check policy for that golf course applies. The Event Chair will work with the golf course to determine if a rain check will be provided or if the date will be rescheduled.

League Policies


  • All members must register for leagues at the time of the Chapter League registration or by contacting the League Captain or Membership Services chair.


  • Members shall coordinate league-play payment with the respective League Captain.


  • League play is allowed for a guest following the guest policy above. LPGA Amateurs membership is required for continued participation in league play.


  • No refunds for cancellations will be given once the league numbers have been finalized with the golf course.
  • No refunds will be given after a league session begins.
  • Please contact the respective League Captain for more information for specific league play refunds.

Rain Out

  • In the event that league play is rained out, the rain check policy for that golf course applies. The League Captain will work with the golf course to determine if a rain check will be given or if play will be rescheduled.

Communications, Social Media and Website Policy

Electronic communication is essential for our Chapter to share information with members and the general public. This policy outlines the way the Chapter communicates and empowers the Chapter Board to control the use of the many types of communication available. Our communication will be timely, appropriate and related to Chapter business, golf events and activities, as well as other golf events and activities which may be beneficial to members.

One of the benefits of LPGA Amateurs is your access to other women to grow your personal and professional network.  Members of the LPGA Amateurs Pittsburgh Chapter are expected to respect the privacy of fellow members and may not use LPGA Amateurs contact information for unsolicited communications.

If you wish to advertise your business or other opportunities through the LPGA Amateurs Pittsburgh Chapter, please contact our Chapter President and inquire about becoming a Chapter Sponsor.  We will not publish information that is intended to promote any member’s personal business.  Our database of member information will not be shared with any sponsor for intent on promoting their business outside of their sponsorship agreement with our Chapter.

If you have information related to golf activities, news or events, that you would like to share with the membership, please send the information to the Communications Director.  If possible, the Communications Director will determine which is the best way to publish your information (from our communication methods) as long as the information is pertinent to our members and follows the guidelines in this policy and any guidelines established by LPGA Amateurs National.  The Communication Director, along with the Board, maintains the right to choose what will and what will not be published via our Chapter. 

Communications Policy

  • This policy covers all communications; written, electronic, website and social media
  • There will be no use of the LPGA Amateurs or LPGA Amateurs Pittsburgh Chapter name or logo as the originator of any communications, websites or social media without the approval of the Chapter Board. Board members and other people delegated by the Board to carry out Chapter communications do not need separate approval and must follow the LPGA Amateurs Brand Guidelines established by LPGA Amateurs National.
  • The Board will always have ultimate control over the content of Chapter communications, websites and social media and have the login, password, and any other information required to exercise that control.
  • The Board may delegate Committee members or other Chapter members to manage a specific communication method.
  • No personal information or contact details (such as phone numbers, addresses or email address) shall be published by the Chapter unless an individual has given their permission for that specific communication. 


  • Our website will include current information on Chapter activities, events, and policies.
  • No offensive content or photos will be published.
  • We will follow all website guidelines established by LPGA Amateurs National.

SMS and email

  • Chapter members authorized by the Board, may use SMS and email to provide information about golf leagues, events and activities and other Chapter business, however:
  • SMS messages should be short and only about Chapter matters.
  • Email communication or the Chapter website will be used when more information is required.

Social Media Sites

  • We treat all Chapter social media postings as public ‘comment’.
  • Postings (written, photos or videos) will be courteous and feature positive Chapter news and events or information about related golf news and events which may be beneficial to members.
  • No personal articles are to be published.
  • No personal information about our members will be disclosed.
  • No statements will be made that are misleading, false or likely to injure a person’s reputation.
  • No statements will be made that might bring our Chapter into disrepute.
  • Abusive, discriminatory, intimidating or offensive statements will not be tolerated. Offending posts will be removed and those responsible will be blocked from the site.

Electronic Communication

  • Should be restricted to Chapter news, events and activities or other golf related information that may be beneficial to members.
  • Information should be clear, professional, accurate, concise.  Remember we want to inform, inspire and excite our members.
  • Must not offend, intimidate, humiliate or bully another person.
  • Must not be misleading, false or injure the reputation of another person.
  • Should respect and maintain the privacy of members.
  • Must not bring the Chapter into disrepute.
  • Must not represent the personal viewpoint of a member or certain group of members.

Social Media Guidelines

  • Stick to events and information that may be of interest to members and potential members
  • Post meaningful, respectful comments – no spam, no remarks that are off-topic or offensive
  • Pause and think before posting comments
  • Respect proprietary information and content
  • Know and follow the LPGA Amateurs Core Values

What We Ask Chapter Members to Do

We expect our members to conduct themselves appropriately when using electronic communication to share information or post material on our social media site or when posting information on other social media sites when representing LPGA Amateurs.

What the Board Will Do

We use a range of electronic tools to communicate with our members providing Chapter news and information to keep members up to date on Chapter events and activities.  We will also share other golf related information with our members if we deem it would be beneficial to our members.

Our communication will protect members’ privacy, maintain clear boundaries and ensure that bullying and harassment does not occur.

Our Communications Director provides accountability and control over material published on our website and any related discussion groups or social media sites following guidelines established by LPGA Amateurs National and this policy.

Chapter Sponsors & Partners