From our sponsor, Kristi Growdon:

RottieFitness is all about GOLF fitness.  Golf fitness focuses on the flexibility, strength, and power you need to play your best rounds.  Golf is an explosive sport, every time you swing the club you are asking your body to move explosively; from your feet, hips, torso, chest, arms, and hands.  RottieFitness can help you build your golf fitness no matter what your regular fitness level is.  Visit https://rottiefit.com/

Why RottieFitness?  Well, Lulu, my Rottweiler, is my inspiration and she motivates me with this saying; "Get Fit or Get Bit".


From our sponsor, Val Patrick:

Val Patrick Golf
"I grew up in Michigan where many good golfers were born. My friend Shirley Spork for one, who is one of the 13 Founders of the LPGA - still living. I moved to Washington in 1984. I've spent my life involved in the game of golf, as a junior, college player, adult amateur and now teaching professional.

Mission statement: To provide people of all ages, ability, and nationality, an affordable opportunity to learn and experience the joys and challenges of the 'greatest game'. "  Visit: https://www.valpatrickgolf.com/

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