Chapter News & Announcements
  • Fall Message from the President
    The summer just flew by and in short order we will be welcoming back those who return from northern locations.  
    This month is a time for collaboration between Chapters.  On the 25th we will have the first tri-Chapter match play event between the Lee - Charlotte Counties Chapter, along with the Manatee and South West Florida Chapters.  It is hoped this will become an annual event with the winning Chapter gaining bragging rights until the next match.  Sign up information is provided on the events page.
    Also, between our three Chapters, we have an 8-person team that will be playing on 1-2 Oct in Port Saint Lucie at the LPGA Amateurs Florida Regional Cup Qualifier. This is the road to the LPGA Amateurs Cup.  Please wish these ladies the best of luck.  If they are successful, they will compete in final round competition at Horseshoe Bay, TX 29 - 30 Oct.   
    The Chapter is seeking a partnership with an LPGA teaching professional.  The Chapter is looking for an LPGA professional partner who would be willing to provide one clinic in the Winter season and one in the Summer.  Additionally, we hope our partner would provide short advice tips in our monthly newsletter.  The Chapter would promote our partner in our social media avenues, and refer our members desiring instruction to her.   If you know an LPGA teaching professional, please connect her with us. 
    We would also like to share fantastic news!  With the leadership of our Membership Chair Lu Cotta, the Chapter has continued to grow with local year-round members as well as those who have taken on dual memberships from other Chapters.  Although our leadership team is doing a bang up job, we continue to seek others to bring great golf opportunities to our members.  We are looking for members who can help with Social Events, Sponsorship and coordination of a northern league for our Chapter.  If anyone is interested in helping the Chapter in these areas, please contact me at  I would be more than happy to explain the details. 
    Natalia Armstrong
    LPGA Amateurs Lee-Charlotte Counties FL Chapter

  • Sue K.

    Each month we'd like to give closer insight into one of our members by asking a few questions.  This month we are featuring Sue Kennedy, our hard working Treasurer.

    1. My primary career: Environmental engineer for the Air Force and National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

    2. The smartest decision I ever made:  Marrying my husband Thom (I hope my kids don't read this).

    3. Something no one would guess of me: I'm winner of a grand champion ribbon for needlepoint from the Montgomery County Maryland Fair.

    4. If I had $10,000 to give away, I would donate it to:  Lutheran World Relief, Planned Parenthood and the Girl Scouts.

    5.  If I'm not golfing I would rather be:  In my butterfly garden.

    6.  The most memorable people I've ever met were:   I keep a pretty low profile but I was once a walking scorer for Lydia Ko.

    7.  My favorite meal is:  Ravioli with red gravy and Graeters Double choc chip ice cream for dessert/

    7.  If I could share a round of golf with any one professional golfer it would be:  The founders of the LPGA, especially Babe Zaharias and Louise Suggs.