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  • 2024 Lone Star Cup

    Lone Star Cup will be held in Grapevine at the Grapevine Golf Course the weekend of June 20-22. This is a team event similar to the Solheim Cup against Chapters from Baton Rouge, Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Dallas among others. We usually have a qualifying requirement since many ladies want to be part of the team. If you are interested in trying out this year please fill out the form below and someone will contact you.

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  • Member Awards Party

    Our end of year party was held at PinSeekers, a new indoor driving range with the latest technology that allows the player to golf on famous courses from around the world. We enjoyed some food and beverages and handed out our awards which were voted on by our members. 

    Volunteer of the Year - Jennifer Karpyshyn
    Biggest Loser - 
    Recruiter of the Year - Sally Bowman, Lisa Doris and Kristin Hazard
    Rookie of the Year - Chele Alcantara
    Judi Nudelman Founders Award - Kristin Hazard
    Golfer of the Year - Wendy Malloch
    Cheerleader - Sandy Wood
    Girl Scout - Laurie Ben
    The Scream - Victoria Gehrig
    Shout-outs - Cheri Hisaw, Caran Colvin, Dawn Green, Erin Fabroni, Jennifer Karpyshyn, Joanna Cossum, Kristin Hazard, Sally Bowman, Sita Cilfone-Guillot, Stacy Chapman, Theresa Moody, Wendy Malloch and Wilda Thomas


  • Vaaler Creek Funplay Tournament

    Well we thought the June event was hot but holy heck this one was a bonfire! Congrats to the 22 ladies who braved the inferno to make lots of memories with their fellow golfers. Congrats to the winners: Par Flight -  Longest Drive - Haeyoung Baker, Closest to the Pin - Rosa Milecky , and Low Net Score - Caran Colvin and for the Birdie Flight - LD - Teresita Aguilar, CTP - Halley Kramer, Low Net - Carol Anderson. Awesome job everyone!


  • Forest Creek Funplay Tournament

    It was a hot and sunny day at Forest Creek for our June funplay tournament. 24 ladies got their choice of playing stroke or scramble format if they were newer players. As usual a lot of laughs and chaos ensued! Congrats to Sally Bowman and Laura Hill for winning CTP in their flights, Louise Allen and Dawn Green for Longest Drive, and Kristin Hazard and Lori Piening for Low Net.

  • Kissing Tree Shamble

    This event was held at a new course for us, Kissing Tree in San Marcos. We had ladies from 4 chapters in attendance which was great! Some even wore their Kentucky Derby inspired hats! Congrats to the winning team of Stacy Cohen, Beth Gaff, Erin Fraboni, and Heather May. Longest Drive winners were Nicole Flood and Stacy Cohen. Closest to Pin winners were Beth Gaff and Chele Alcantara. 


  • Crystal Falls Scramble

    Our first event of the season was held at Crystal Falls Golf Course. We enjoyed playing this scenic but difficult course. Good thing it was a scramble event! Seven teams competed for low net, with Stacy Cohen, Laura Cooper, Beth Gaff and Haeyoung Baker taking first place with a net 60! Longest drive winners were Lisa Doris and Trish Hoener. Closest to the Pin winners were Stacy Cohen and Judi Blue. 


  • Spring Clinics

    We hosted 3 separate clinics taught by Jennifer McNeil at Falconhead Golf Club. Jennifer gave us some tips and techniques for chipping, pitching, sand shots and full swing which hopefully helped us knock a few strokes off our handicaps! 


  • 2023 Kickoff

    Our first social event of the season was held at Austin Custom Winery. We enjoyed a wine tasting of 4 different types of wine and munched on goodies as we caught up with our friends and met some new members. Our new President Stacy gave a brief overview of the events we have lined up for this year and we played a fun golf-themed team trivia game. 


  • 2023 Lone Star Cup Try-outs

    Lone Star Cup is a team event played against other chapters from Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth and Baton Rouge. It is intended to simulate the Solheim Cup. The tournament is a two-day event. The first day is team match play and the second day is singles match play.  Each team consists of 12 golfers (and usually 1-2 alternates).  Lone Star Cup is not directly sponsored by LPGA Amateurs National Organization as it started years ago as a fun way to get to know our neighboring chapters and have a friendly competition. We typically have 25 or more ladies interested in being on the Austin team so we have a match play qualifier to help determine our team.  

    This year the event is being held on September 14-16 at The Island Course in Plaquemine, LA, just 14 miles south of Baton Rouge. If you are interested in being on the team we will be holding try-outs over the next couple of months. Please indicate your interest by filling out the form below. Team captain Stacy Cohen will contact you to set up qualifying matches. You must sign up no later than April 30.



  • Member Awards Party

    We had a fantastic time at Golfinity for our awards party this year. The food was great, there were some tears and lots of laughter as we looked back at all the fun tournaments we had (even the rained out one) and celebrated our members for their spirit, competitiveness, and loyalty to each other and to the wonderful game of golf. 

    Award winners:

    Volunteer of the Year - Caran Colvin
    Biggest Loser of the Year - Sam Garrett
    Recruiter of the Year - Stacy Chapman
    Rookie of the Year - Vic Gehrig
    Judi Nudelman Founder's Award - Caran Colvin
    Golfer of the Year - Kristin Hazard
    Fun Award - Cheerleader - Sandy Wood
    Fun Award - Girl Scout - Sita Cilfone-Guillot
    Fun Award - The Scream - Vic Gehrig
    Newbies of the Year - Dawn Green and Stacy Chapman
    Member Shout-outs - Jennifer Karpyshyn, Jessica Salinas, Joanna Cossum, Kristina Hayes, Peggy Smith, Susan Smiley, Tonia Norman, Theresa Moody


  • Stay and Play Weekend '22

    Our annual Stay and Play Weekend was held Oct. 21-23 at the beautiful Tapatio Springs Resort in Boerne, TX. We enjoyed lots of golf and spending time with ladies we don't get to see very often. 

  • Austin Hosts Lone Star Cup Tournament

    Lone Star Cup is a team event played against other chapters from Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth and Baton Rouge. It is intended to simulate the Solheim Cup. The tournament is a two-day event. The first day is team match play and second day is singles match play.  Each team consists of 12 golfers (and usually 1-2 alternates).  Lone Star Cup in not directly sponsored by LPGA Amateurs national organization as it started years ago as a fun way to get to know our neighboring chapters and have a friendly competition. We typically have 25 or more ladies interested in being on the Austin team so we have a match play qualifier to help determine our team.  Your 2022 team captain was Theresa Moody and co-captain was Laurie Ben. Team members were Lili Taufa, Trish Hoener, Terri Escobar, Susan Smiley, Sally Bowman, Kristin Hazard, Stacy Cohen, Samantha Garrett, Sandy Wood, Tonia Norman and Teri Evans. Forest Creek was a wonderful venue to host the event. We finished third this year. 













  • Indoor Event at Golfinity

    Our 2022 Chapter Sponsor Terri Hoffman, CLU, CExP, sponsored our August event at the brand new indoor facility Golfinity. We received some great information about how to best invest our money, and then we were turned loose to experience the exciting Trachman Technology on the big screens. 













  • Dual Chapter Event at The Bandit

    We paired with the San Antonio Chapter on a scorching hot July morning for a scramble fun play tournament. Several players had some minor heatstroke but everyone had a good time playing with new ladies and getting a chance to test their skills on a difficult course. 

  • Rained Out at Forest Creek

    Our June Funplay Event at Forest Creek Golf Course was sadly rained out. However for the ladies who braved the torrential downpour and accompanying  thunderstorm we had some drinks and breakfast and gave out some raffle prizes. It was a good chance to sit down and visit with friends we hadn't seen in a while and just have a good time. Hopefully next year's event will be blue skies and warm temps. 

  • Vaaler Creek Scramble

    Thirty-one ladies played in our second fun play tournament of the year at Vaaler Creek. The weather was unseasonably scorching but the course was in great shape. Hailey and Katie were able to drive the green on the par 4 #18 over a huge pond which some of us couldn't even hit over after laying up! Congrats to our CTP winners Marci and Ashley, longest drive winners Jules and Vicki, low gross team of Hailey, Jaclyn, Rebecca, and Ashley, and low net team of Sally, Cheri, Katie and Sandy.


  • Shadowglen Shamble

    We had a full field of 36 for our first funplay tournament of the year. The weather was fantastic (unlike last year) and the course was in great shape. We had a fun "beat the pro" hole on the par 3 where only 4 ladies were able to land their shots closer to the pin than Francis Biondi. These ladies won a free lesson from Francis! Congrats to our CTP winners Caran and Lili, longest drive winner Kelsey, low gross team of Theresa, Kristin, Sandy and Samantha, and low net team of Deonna, Sita, Erin and Caran (which was a 3-way tie and had to go to a scorecard play-off).

  • 2022 Chapter Kickoff

    It was nice to see lots of new faces at our 2022 Kickoff brunch and casino. Alot of our returning members also attended to catch up with friends they hadn't seen since the Fall. We did a quick re-cap of switching to GHIN, discussed upcoming events including more clinics, weekly leagues, and then it was time to gamble! Congrats to Analis for winning the Hand and Stone gift card and Kristin for winning the 50/50 draw! Our silent auction raised $1,600 for the Chapter so that was a huge bonus! 


  • Time to Switch to GHIN for Handicap Tracking
    As you may be aware the USGA informed LPGA Amateurs that they would not accept handicaps from GolfNet after the end of this year. If you have been using GolfNet to maintain your handicap they did negotiate it's use for one more year until the end of 2022, but as of January 1, 2022 no new members may sign up for GolfNet. 

    Members who have been using GolfNet have the opportunity to transfer their handicaps to GHIN (Golf Handicap Information Network). This is a service offered by the USGA to golf associations worldwide. GHIN is one of the largest handicap management tools in the world, serving more than 2.3 million golfers and 15,000 golf clubs. Its services include the USGA Admin Portal for golfer management, score posting products for golfers and USGA Tournament Management. 

    Our Chapter has been set up as an Affinity Member Club with the Texas Golf Association so that ANY member, new or old, can join for only $24 and carry their handicap through GHIN with the TGA and also have the benefits that TGA membership brings.   This is the LOWEST price for TGA membership and some ladies may choose to transfer their membership to the Chapter instead of through a public course.  

    Steps for setting up GHIN account for old and new members:
    1. Go to
    2. If you have been using GolfNet for your handicap then you already have a GHIN # so the answer to the 1st question will be "yes". Enter your GHIN # in the box that pops up. 
    1. If you used GHIN in the past but it has been longer than 2 years since you used it your number was likely deactivated and you will have to get a new number and start tracking your handicap from scratch. You can check if your number is assigned to you by answering "I don't know" and then entering your old GHIN# but please make sure the number has not been re-assigned to a new person. Or you can contact Melinda Hipp at and have her check the database for you. 
    2. If you are currently using GHIN and would like to transfer to the LPGA Amateurs GHIN click on the link above and answer "yes" to the first question, enter your GHIN# and your scores will all be transferred. 
    3. If you have never used GHIN or Golfnet then your answer to the first question will be "no". Enter your information and pay the registration fee.
    4. After you have paid the membership fee you will receive a confirmation email. Once your application has been approved you will receive another email from TGA and are now a member of GHIN. Download the app and create a login using your GHIN# and start entering your scores!
    Should you have questions, please contact Melinda Hipp at

  • 2021 Year End Event and Awards

    Our last event of the 2021 season was held at a new (to us) indoor golf facility called ROK Golf. This is similar to other indoor golfing venues but they have the capability to record your swing so you can see right away where you can improve. This was very eye-opening for a lot of us!

    We handed out several awards this year. Congrats to all the volunteers and members who made this year great for the Austin LPGA Amateurs!

    Rookie of the Year - Ashley Bruno
    Judi Nudelman Founders Award - Judi Blue
    Golfer of the Year - Lara Enzor
    Volunteer of the Year - Jennifer Karpyshyn
    Recruiter of the Year - Judi Blue
    Biggest Loser - Julie Stout
    Fun Award: Cheerleader - Sandy Wood
    Fun Award - The Scream - Sita Guillot, Theresa Moody, Tammy Pirtle
    Fun Award - Girl Scout - Lara Enzor

    Membership Chair - Wendy Malloch
    Communications Chair - Jennifer Karpyshyn
    Handicap Chair - Melinda Hipp
    League Coordinators - Theresa Moody, Kristin Hazard, Lara Enzor, Cheri Hisaw, Jenifer Karpyshyn, Lili Taufa, Caran Colvin

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