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  • Golf Handicap

    Some members may wish to carry a handicap provided by Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN). The LPGA Amateurs Seattle Chapter is a WSGA Member golf club and offers a GHIN handicap through the WSGA for an annual fee of $40. In addition to providing a handicap, this membership option also includes access to WSGA Championships, Casual Golf Days, Golf deals and events put on by the Pacific Northwest Golf Association (PNGA).  "LPGA Amateur Golf Association" will be listed as your "home club." Membership and renewals typically take 10-14 days. To apply for GHIN, you may register and pay with a credit card online.

    If you are a new GHIN member, you will need at least six 18-hole equivalent scores to establish a handicap (9-hole rounds can be posted).

    More information
    We are here to help with any questions regarding using either the GN21 system or GHIN, and setting you up with a GHIN account.  For any questions regarding handicap please contact the Handicap chair by sending email to

  • 2019 Birdies, Eagles, and Accomplishments

    New hashtags are here! We are excited to be adding a second one for 2019. 

    When you get a birdie, add #LPGAAmSeaBird19 to your post. 

    We also want to celebrate any accomplishment you are excited with in your game of golf (i.e. first time breaking 100; first par; dropping your handicap). Anything that you want to celebrate, add #LPGAAmSeaGolf19 to your post.   

    Remember to send the photo, with the date, golf course, hole #, and whether it’s a birdie, eagle, accomplishment, etc. 

  • Interested in Playing Match Play?

    Join the fun of LPGA Amateurs - Seattle inter-Chapter Match Play starting May 2019. 

    Match Play is a format where, instead of tracking each of your strokes for the round, you keep track of the holes that you win or lose.  The team who wins the most holes, wins the match!  Many players find Match Play to be a fun way to compete since one “blow-up hole” does not mean you are out of the match. Here is how it works:

    1.  Two person teams will be placed in a double elimination bracket.  This means you are guaranteed 2 matches and it may be possible to lose a match and still win the tournament! 
    2.  Once registration is over we will send out the bracket information and specific procedures for setting up your matches and for reporting results of the matches.   
    3.  Deadlines will be set for the completion of each round. Each round will be one month in duration, length of bracket depends on how many teams sign up.
    4. It is a net event, that means we are using the players handicap.

    Cost is $10 per person ($20 per team) that goes into the prize fund.  If you are interested in Match Play or want to learn more contact, Sam Gillett.

    Watch this or the events page for opening registration in the spring!