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Clinics and Player Education & Development Opportunities

There are a number of clinics and seminars scheduled throughout the early season. Clinics usually last one hour, limited to 10-12 participants unless noted, and are appropriate for golfers of all ability levels. The content covered is narrow and the purpose is to offer an inexpensive way for members to get a basic overview and/or review on how to play a certain shot.  A clinic is designed to accommodate more participants and less individual instruction than a group lesson.  The seminars will cover Rules and Etiquette and our GN21 Handicap System.

Unless otherwise noted, prices for clinics are $10 for LPGA Amateurs-Rochester members and $15 for non-members. Non-members may only attend three LPGA Amateurs-Rochester events.

Depending upon the time of the clinic, you may want to stay at the course to play a round or stop in the restaurant for lunch, dinner or socialization.

Rules and Etiquette Seminar – Free Clinic  Tuesday, April 23rd

Dan Overbeck, RDGA Rules Committee                                                      

  Ravenwood Golf Club, 929 Lynaugh Road, Victor, NY 14564

          6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Dan Overbeck will guide the discussion to address both any new rules for 2019 and any other rules the participants might want to discuss.

This clinic is highly recommended if you are playing in an LPGA Amateurs-Rochester league.

Click Rules and Etiquette for more information and to register


Handicap Seminar - Free Clinic      Wednesday, May 1st  

Luanna Andrews and Wendy Bolton, LPGA Amateurs-Rochester Members

          RDGA Office in Brighton Central Park
          2024 West Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY 14623
          6:00 PM – 8:00 PM  

Luanna and Wendy will lead this seminar to discuss our GN21 Handicap System and other important information about keeping and needing a handicap index. If you have trouble posting your scores, don’t miss this seminar!

Click Handicap Seminar for more information and to register

Spring Swing Tune-Up and Analysis     Rescheduled for June 1st

Mike Clawson, PGA Professional

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM @ Southern Meadows Golf Course

Mike Clawson will cover all aspects of set up & swing mechanics – a great refresher for the beginning of the golf season. He will analyze all participants’ swings and give you some specific areas to work on. Stay and play 9 holes and practice what you learned!

Click Spring Swing for more information and to register.


Tune Up Kick Off Clinic   
Sunday, May 5th

 Lauren Tallman, PGA Professional

 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM @ Ravenwood Golf Club


Members of all abilities will want to attend this Tune Up Kick Off Clinic with Lauren Tallman.  This will be a 2 hour clinic with possible option to play afterwards and dine/drink at Ravenwood. Members will learn/brush up on their full swing techniques with irons and drivers. Also cover 30-40 yard pitch shots that give many golfers trouble at the start of golf season.  Possible Callaway rep onsite for demo setup if 20-30 golfers are in attendance for 3rd station.

Click  Tune Up Kick Off 
for more information and to register.


Full Swing/Driver Clinic   Rescheduled to June 2nd

 Lauren Tallman, PGA Professional

 10:00 AM- 11:00 AM @ Ravenwood Golf Club

Laurent Tallman is back again this year to provide another clinic on Full Swing and using your Driver at Ravenwood Golf Course.  Members will learn to hit their fairway woods and driver properly to gain height and more distance.

Click  Full Swing Clinic for more information and to register.


Chipping and Pitching Clinic with On Course Time   Saturday, May 25th

Linda Opalisky, PGA Director of Instruction

Pete Konefal, PGA Teaching Professional

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM @ Ontario Country Club

Spend some time with pros Linda Opalisky and Pete Konefal working on chipping and pitching with on course practice.  If you tend to putt from just off the green here's another shot you can practice, as well as the all-important pitch or chip from fairway to green to improve your score!

Click on Tee Shots for more information and registration


Tee Shots and Alignment Clinic on the Range  Saturday, May 25th

Linda Opalisky, PGA Director of Instruction

 Pete Konefal, PGA Teaching Professional

 4:00 PM – 5:30PM @ Ontario Country Club

Proper set-up & alignment is critical to all our shots. Linda Opalisky and Pete Konefal have some excellent tools and visualizations to help you improve this part of your game.

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RESCHEDULED: Improve your Game – Clinic & On Course Instruction at Wild Wood  

Friday, August 9th

 Mike Judy, PGA Professional

 Mike Mancari, Assistant Golf Professional

 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM @ Clinic at Wild Wood Country Club

 6:30 PM – 4-5 Holes On Course Instruction

 Appetizers afterwards in the Clubhouse

 Total Member Cost:  $25 ($30 for non-members)

Mike Judy and Mike Mancari will survey registrants and customize the clinic based on what you would like to achieve most from the lesson and what part of your game needs the most improvement.  After the clinic they will analyze each golfer’s technique with on course instruction while playing 4-5 holes of golf.  Appetizers afterwards are included and will be a great end to a fun day! This clinic is for 20-30 golfers, the more the merrier!

Click on Improve Your Game for more information and registration


Chipping/Short Game Magic   Saturday, June 8th

Mike Clawson, PGA Professional

10:00 AM- 11:00 AM @ Southern Meadows Golf Course

Mike Clawson will show us some tips to improve our score when chipping to the green.  Stay and play 9 holes practicing what you learned!

Click on Chipping/Short game for more information and registration


Chipping Clinic   Sunday, June 9th

Lauren Tallman, PGA Professional

1:00 PM- 2:00 PM @ Ravenwood Golf Club

Laurent Tallman will be providing this chipping clinic at Ravenwood Golf Course.  Members will learn how to select the correct club for different chip shots, and how to utilize different clubs around the green to chip the ball close.

Click on Chipping Clinic for more information and registration


Golf Clinic, Scramble & BBQ   Saturday, July 6th 

Mike Clawson, PGA Professional

8:00 AM Breakfast @ Southern Meadows Golf Course

8:30 AM Clinic

9:30 AM Play 9-hole Scramble Format Golf

11:30 AM BBQ Cookout, Awards and Prize

Total Member Cost:  $30 plus cart additional

Southern Meadows Women’s Golf event includes breakfast, a customized clinic based off of registrants and spring clinic turn out, then a 9 hole event.  We will end the day with a BBQ and prizes.   This a very popular fun event hosted by Southern Meadows.

Click on Scramble BBQ for more information and registration


Trouble Shot Clinic  Saturday, July 13th

Lauren Tallman, PGA Professional

10:00 AM- 11:00 AM @ Ravenwood Golf Club

Have that trouble shot that always get you?  Members will learn how to get out of trouble areas like high bunkers, thick rough, side hill lies, and from behind trees with the help of Lauren Tallman.

Click on TroubleShots for more information and registration

Watch the newsletter for possible additional clinics