Handicap Options

As an LPGA Amateurs Rochester Chapter member, you have the following options in regard to maintaining a Handicap index:

  • OPTION 1: This option offered through our Chapter is to be added (or renewed) to our RDGA-LPGA (Rochester District Golf Association) GHIN Member Roster through which you can establish a handicap index by utilizing the GHIN Handicap system. There is a yearly fee of $42 to use this system (for which you will be billed in the spring through our Chapter). Besides LPGA events, this GHIN membership also allows for you to play in both RDGA and NYSGA (NY State Golf Association) tournaments without incurring any additional costs besides tournament registration fees.
  • OPTION 2: You may set up a GHIN account through many other golf clubs, through a GHIN e-Club such as the RDGA or NYSGA e-Club, or by joining a golf club which may include a GHIN account with your membership. The fees associated with any of these options will likely be more than the $42-option listed above (which is only available to our LPGA Amateurs Chapter members.) If you choose this option (and your GHIN account is at another RDGA related Club), you will also be added to our RDGA-LPGA GHIN Member Roster as a Secondary Member. As a Secondary member, there will be no fee and our LPGA Handicap Committee will be available to assist you with any score posting and/or other GHIN related issues. 
  • OPTION 3: You do not intend to maintain an active Handicap index and understand that you may not be able to participate in some LPGA Amateurs and non-LPGA Amateurs events. As a reminder, to utilize “Option 1” your LPGA Amateurs membership must remain current.

Contact info.lpgaamateursroc@gmail.com for questions about the handicapping system or GHIN.

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