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LPGA Quick Guide - Rules Highlights



  • Play Ready Golf - Whoever in your group is ready should go no matter who has honors. Play a provisional ball before leaving the tee box if you think your tee shot may have gone out of bounds or lost. 
  • Plan your next shot before you get to your ball. Determine your yardage and your club selection before it's your turn. You can do this while others are hitting. 
  • Keep your pre-shot routine short. Pick your line of play once and trust yourself. Try to take no more than one practice swing. then set up to the ball and play your shot. Most importantly, be ready to hit when it is your turn.
  • When sharing cart, use a buddy system. Don't wait in the cart while your cart partner hits and then drive to your ball. Get out and walk to your ball with a few clubs. Be ready to play when it's your turn and let your cart partner pick you up.
  • Be helpful to others in your group. Follow the flight of other's tee shots. Help others look for their ball. Limit the time spent looking for a lost ball to 3 minutes.
  • Be efficient on the putting green. You can usually line up your putt while others are putting without disturbing them. Leave your clubs on the side of the putting green closest to the next hole and leave the green promptly after holing out. Wait until the next tee to record your score.
  • Remember that picking up your ball is OK! Most of the time we are playing for fun so don't stress yourself out.

Incorporate these tips during your next round. In no time you'll be doing them without thinking and your pace of play will improve.