World Handicap System  As of Jan 2020, the six different handicap systems in use around the world were unified into a single World Handicap System. Now all handicap service providers use the same calculation method and the same course rating database.

Getting Started LPGA Amateurs Cincinnati members wishing to create or maintain a handicap index are offered two account provider options: GolfNet and GHIN. Once you've created your account, just start posting your scores. As soon as you've posted at least 54 holes played--comprised of any combination of 9 or 18-hole rounds--you'll have a Handicap Index the very next day. 

Important: Regardless of which of the following handicap service options you choose, you must be a current LPGA Amateurs Cincinnati member to create, transfer or renew a handicap account. [To renew your association membership, visit the Member Clubhouse, and click Renew in your Profile section.]

Account Options
GolfNet. Your 2021 LPGA Amateurs membership includes a complimentary handicap account, offered through Golfnet. Log into the LPGA Amateurs Member Clubhouse (top right corner of our website homepage) and select My Handicap in the left-side menu. 

GHIN. Or you may choose to use GHIN for an annual fee of $30. The Chapter offers GHIN accounts through the Greater Cincinnati Golf Association (GCGA) and all GCGA membership benefits are included. Use this link to learn more and get started:

If you wish to Create/Transfer/Renew your 2021 GHIN account online ($35), click here. If by check ($30), contact the Handicap Chair.

GolfNet: Post Score
GHIN: Post Score

Notice: Posting season varies by state. Here in the Greater Cincinnati area, the season is Mar 15-Nov 14. We cannot post rounds played here during Dec, Jan, and Feb. However, many states allow year-round posting. If you plan to play elsewhere check the USGA Handicap Active & Inactive Season Schedule
Questions? Contact Handicap Chair Diane Torrance.

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