Chapter Leagues

2022 League Registration

You must be a member of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association before you can register or participate in the Cincinnati Chapter leagues and events. Join today @

2022 League Registration is now closed. You can still sign up as a substitute and for the Daytime League and Weekend League, see the links below. 




If you are interested in being a substitute for any of our leagues, please complete this registration form so we can add you to our email distribution lists!  The League Captain and/or league members will reach out when there are available tee times.  Please list all leagues courses you would like to be included as a substitute.

Sub List


Course:  The Mill Course
Day of Week: Thursdays
Number of Weeks: 4
Players Allowed: 16
Start Date: April 7th 
End Date: April 28th 
First Tee Time: 5:30 PM
League Fee: $75
Captain:  Grace Reynolds,
Comment: Fee includes cart



Course:  Sharon Woods Golf Course  (11355 Swing Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241)
Day of Week: Mondays
Number of Weeks: 14
Players Allowed: 12
Start Date: May 9th
End Date: August 22nd
First Tee Time: 5:45 PM
League Fee:
Captain: Terri Campbell,

Comment: No play on Memorial Day and Fourth of July



Course:  Blue Ash Golf Course - Competitive League
Day of Week: Tuesdays
Number of Weeks: 14
Players Allowed: 12
Start Date: May 10th
End Date: August 9th 
First Tee Time: 6:00 PM
League Fee: $286
Sandie East,
Level: Competitive
Comment: Must have GHIN handicap of 28 or less. If you do not meet that requirement and are interested in joining the league, please contact Sandie to confirm any available spots.


Course:  Glenview Golf Course  (10965 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45246)
Day of Week: Tuesdays
Number of Weeks: 16
Players Allowed: 16
Start Date: May 10th
End Date: August 23rd
First Tee Time: 5:40 PM
League Fee: $329
Captain:  Sally Lukemire,
Comment: Includes $5 pp league fee

Course: The Vineyard Golf Course  (600 Nordyke Road, Cincinnati, OH 45255)
Day of Week: Tuesdays
Number of Weeks: 12
Players Allowed: 12
Start Date:
 May 10th
End Date: July 26th 
First Tee Time: 5:12 PM
League Fee: $254
Captain:  Janis Longbottom,

Course:  Neumann Golf Course  (7215 Bridgetown Road, Cincinnati, OH 45248)
Day of Week: Tuesdays
Number of Weeks: 12
Players Allowed: 8
Start Date: May 10th
End Date: July 26rd
First Tee Time: 5:36 PM
League Fee: $235
Captain:  Alice Hoctor,
Comment: Includes $5 pp league fee 

Daytime League (Courses Vary)

Dates: May 10th - August 23rd (Tuesdays)
Tee Times: Starting at 10:30 AM
Note: Pay as you Play
Captain: Susan Gilroy,




Course:  Kenton County  (3908 Richardson Road, Independence, KY 41051)

Day of Week: Wednesdays
Number of Weeks: 14
Players Allowed: 12
Start Date: May 11th
End Date: August 10th
First Tee Time: 5:44 PM
League Fee: $20 Due at Registration; $28 Greens Fee due to Course each week
Captain:  Kathy Papp,
Comment: Pay as you go league $28 includes cart; Willows and Pioneer courses



Course: The Golf Club at Stonelick Hills   (3155 Sherilyn Lane, Batavia, OH 45103)
Day of Week: Thursday
Number of Weeks: 12
Players Allowed: 12
Start Date: May 12th
End Date: July 28th
First Tee Time: 5:30 PM
League Fee: $452
Captain:  Lisa Lucas,;  Deb Guerra,
Comment: Fee includes Cart

Course:  The Mill Course  (1515 West Sharon Road, Cincinnati, OH 45240) 
Day of Week: Thursdays
Number of Weeks: 14
Players Allowed: 16
Start Date: May 12th
End Date: August 11th
First Tee Time: 5:34 PM
League Fee: $251
Captain:  Grace Reynolds,


Course: Blue Ash Golf Course  (4040 Cooper Road, Blue Ash, OH 45242)

Day of Week: Fridays
Number of Weeks: 13
Players Allowed: 12
Start Date: May 6th
End Date: August 19th 
First Tee Time: 4:30 PM
League Fee: $267
Captain: Karen Alsip,
Comment: Three weeks of no play due to golf outings is included in the start to end dates



WEEKEND LEAGUE - If you are interested in being added to the Weekend Leauge email distribution list, please complete this registration form!  The League Captain and/or various members will reach out each week with details on the course, tee times, and deadlines for commitments.  Players will pay for their rounds at the designated courses directly
Captain: Helen Schultheiss,

Weekend League Golf Courses Include: Aston Oaks, Beckett Ridge, Blue Ash, Boone Links, California, Elks Run, Green Crest, Harbor Links, Kenton County, Lassing Pointe, Legendary Run, Majestic Springs, Miami Whitewater, Mill Course, Neumann, Pebble Creek, Pipestone, Shaker Run, Sharon Woods, Snow Hill, Stonelick Hills, The Grizzly, Walden Ponds, Vineyard, Yankee Trace. Contact the league captain if you have a recommendation for additional courses.