LPGA Amateur Golf Association of Rhode Island is very excited to offer our members a Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN) number, which will also include a Rhode Island Golf Association (RIGA) membership. The cost is $50.
A GHIN number allows you to post scores, calculate handicaps, and retrieve handicap information online, from any computer or the GHIN app. Having a GHIN number makes it easy for you to play in many club and association tournaments.
A RIGA membership allows you to play in their Women's tournaments or Co-ed Weekly Invitational program. Take a look at the RIGA events by visiting their website.

If you have an existing GHIN under your golf club, you can also add LPGA Amateur RI at NO additional cost. You select a default for which club you prefer to recognize, and also have the ability to switch between your clubs.

Click Here to Renew or Sign Up for Your GHIN

Please contact Tracy Higgins at skihiggy@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.