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Bethany Bay Scramble League 2022
Early Birds League 2022
MD/DE Travel League 2022
New Golfer (DE) League 2022
New Golfer/Refresher (MD) League 2022
Plantation Lakes League 2022
River Run League 2022
Rum Pointe League 2022
Salisbury Nutters League 2022
Salt Pond League 2022
Sunset League 2022

2022 League Play Registration is Open!

Registration Fees
The cost this season to register for league play is $30.00 plus $10.00 per league.  The $30.00 registration fee includes the “End of Year” banquet which will be held at The Clarion in Ocean City.  You may sign up for as many leagues as you would like at $10 per league.

League Information:All leagues, except New Golfer Leagues, require a basic knowledge of general golf rules, golf etiquette and pace of play. The New Golfer Leagues do NOT require any experience. If you are unsure of your level of experience regarding league play or need additional information, please contact Anne McBride, or the League Captain.  For further information about the new World Handicap System, go to: and/or contact our Handicap Chairs:   Chris Somers, or Val Herwig,

Click Here to register for league play and sign up for as many Leagues as you'd like.

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