Chapter Leagues

LPGA Amateur Golf Association New York City offers two leagues each golf season for beginner/advanced beginner and intermediate/advanced players.  "Golf and Go", introduced in 2020, is a hit!


MarieTOctBirdiepicGolf and Go provides our members with additional opportunities to play together. It is less formal and smaller than Chapter Outings and uses a wider variety of courses compared to Open Play and the 18-Hole League. 

Golf and Go is scheduled in months when there are no Outings and does not have formal prizes or catering. Informal competitive games or games between the groups may be included. Courses used for Golf and Go include Pound Ridge Golf Club, New York Country Club, and Rock Spring Golf Club.

If you are interested in volunteering for Golf and Go, or other events, please contact Ellen Halstead or Wonjung Sang, Golf Event Directors at

The 9-Hole League is geared for beginners and advanced beginners who don't have a handicap and may have limited on-course playing experience.Golfers cap off the end of the season with a fun brunch!



The 18-Hole League is for more advanced players who have a handicap and are looking to play on a regular basis.   
  • No Maximum Handicap Requirement - you must have a handicap established to register for the 18-hole league, however, there is no maximum cutoff as in the past.
  • Traveling League - means we alternate courses each week throughout the tri-state area.  Courses may repeat throughout the season, just not in a row.
  • Substitutions - we have a great substitute program!  If you want to play and know a date or two won’t work, not to worry as we always have a large substitute list and it’s easy to do!
  • Transportation: Those with cars have been generous and will accommodate as many riders as there is room. Occasionally there may not be enough drivers so please realize that you may need to work with others in the league to lease a car for the day.
  • Costs - we are cost sensitive and will try to keep the cost of the rounds as reasonable as possible.
  • Competitive - we host some sort of friendly competition each week to make it fun.  So bring your competitive spirit!

wildturkeyouting.jpegOpen Play  

The Open Play program is a non­competitive opportunity for NYC members to meet up each weekend, from April through October to play golf. Groups are paired based upon handicap as much as possible. Open Play is currently looking for a volunteer Chair. 

Everyone who wants to play is asked to help schedule weekly tee times at public and semi-private courses on Saturdays, Sundays and Monday holidays excluding days when there is a Chapter outing. 

An email blast is sent to members each Monday with information about the week's Open Play schedule. Members wishing to play are to respond directly to the organizer no later than 5 pm on Wednesday

The organizer will send a confirmation to those who will be playing on Thursday morning. Players are responsible for securing transportation to the course; the emails of the other players will be included in the email confirmation and should be contacted directly for transportation The organizer is not responsible for transportation arrangements. 

Cancellation Policy: You MUST call the course 24 hours prior to the tee time unless the organizer has indicated otherwise. If you do not show up for your scheduled tee time and have not called the course to cancel, you will be responsible for any incurred cost

IMPORTANT: For the mutual enjoyment of the game during open play, members must adhere to the following guidelines to maintain pace of play. It is imperative to keep one stroke behind the group in front of you. Playing too slowly is a breach of etiquette! If you are having a bad day (we all do) consider playing best ball with the others in your foursome. Everyone will have more fun. 

Pace of Play Guidelines 

1. Play ready golf from tee to green. The player who is ready first, hits first (as long as it's safe to do so). 

2. Limit the number of practice swings to one per shot. 

3. Pick up after your total strokes on a hole equals double par: 6 strokes on a Par 3, 8 strokes on a Par 4, 10 strokes on a Par 5. But pick up sooner if you are delaying play. 

4. Putts, "whiffs" and any penalty strokes count toward the double par maximum. 

5. On the green, the player whose ball is closest to the pin should mark her ball and then remove or tend the flag; the first person to hole out should walk to the flag and be ready to replace it after everyone holes out. 

6. After you finish the hole, leave the green immediately. Proceed to the next tee box and then record your score from the last hole.


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