Fort Lauderdale Area Chapter
Board of Directors

VICKY KEITH, President

Vicky Keith 

  Company and Job Title: Principal - Vicky Keith Consulting
  Contact Vicky at

CELESTE METHOT, Golf Events Director

Celeste Methot 

 Company and Job Title: Southeastern Medical Supply - Retired
 Contact Celeste at

LaJUAN MESSER, Member Services Director

 LaJuan Messer 

  Company and Job Title - Seacoast Bank, Senior VP & Market Mgr
  Contact LaJuan at


SHERRI KELTY, Member Recruitment Director

Sherri Kelty


  Company and Job Title: Retired
  Contact Sherri at


KATHY BURKE, Finance & Records Director

 Kathy Burke 

  Company and Job Title: Finance and Tax Consultant
  Contact Kathy at


MICHELLE FLOREA, Special Events Director

 Michelle  Company and Job Title: Retired
 Contact Michelle at


KATHY BEARD, Marketing Director

 Kathy Beard

  Company and Job Title:
  Contact Kathy at   

KAREN HORD, Communications Director

 Karen Hord Company and Job Title: HPE Automation - Co-Owner
Contact Karen at



  • Chapter President (1 year term)
    Oversee general chapter operations via Directors; conduct chapter board meetings; plan chapter leadership development / succession; serve as the primary liaison for LPGA-AGA headquarters, CDS, LPGA Foundation and Partners / Sponsors; promote and attend chapter events & web conferences.
  • Golf Director (1 year term)
    Creates and implements the Chapter’s golf and event programming for the year. Developing a well-rounded calendar of golf, social and networking events keeps current members engaged and has the potential to interest a variety of new members. Works along with the team of golf captains. 
  • Marketing Director (1 year term)
    The Marketing Director should foster strong relationships with the local media - TV, Radio, and Print to promote events to the community. Also, the Director works with local businesses to create Chapter sponsor opportunities and, as such, is ultimately responsible for the execution and fulfillment of those sponsorship agreements. 
  • Communications Director (2 year term)
    The Communication Director is responsible for the Chapter newsletter, Constant Contact event blasts, all special communications to the chapter and ensures the website and calendar are up to date. Works along with the Marketing team.
  • Member Recruitment Director (2 year term):  
    The Member Recruitment Director coordinates recruitment events, tracks membership statistics, making it easy for Chapter members to recruit new members.