Chapter Leaders

Patty Evans, President 775-843-4351

Ann Doherty, Finance and Records Director 619-759-7511

Julie Osendorf, Co-Membership Director 775-742-1736

Jeong Kendall, Co-Membership Director 775-843-3768

Elise Levy, Secretary and Communications 775-240-3783

Cindy Buchanan, Golf Events at Lakeridge 775-544-7102

Debbie Meyer-Weber, Golf Events at Red Hawk 775-437-6688

Norma Noonan, Golf Events at Wolf Run 775-771-5620

Ann Boeser, Director of Handicaps 775-741-9765

Donna Clark, Past President, Website  775-691-8874

Jackie Stoesser, Social Media Guru 530-414-1045

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Call Patty if you are interested in learning about how you can become more involved? 

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