LPGA Amateurs Central NY Chapter
Chapter Leaders

Your 2021 Board Members

 Colleen Roche      Chapter President
Nicole Capriotti    Membership Recruitment Director
Betty Hatem    Golf Events and Activities Director
 Katie Mooney    Leagues and Golf Education Director
Jessica Barron    Membership Services Director
 Fran Piraino    Communications and Marketing Director
Laurie Kadah     Finance and Records Director

The Newest Chapter in Our History:  
The EWGA (Executive Women's Golf Association) formed a strategic alliance with the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association). 
In March 2018, our name became the LPGA Amateur Golf Association. 
Locally, we are  known as the LPGA Amateurs of Central NY. 
This transition was completed in October 2018.
Our History:
The EWGA  was founded to bring women into the game and provide them a friendly, non-threatening pathway for evolving into competent golfers. 
This remains one of the cornerstones today.
We are women with a passion for golf who come together for fitness, fun,
friendship and professional networking. 
We offer programs and events where you can meet and connect with
engaging women of all ages, with all levels of golf experience, from a broad spectrum of career paths.

Our local chapter, LPGA Amateurs Central NY, Inc. was launched in October 2002. From a core group of women led by Stephanie Parks,
a former member of the Miami, Florida Chapter,
the chapter has more than doubled in size.
Membership is open to all women and men with an interest in the game of golf.
All levels of players are welcome to join us.

LPGA Amateur Golf Association Central New York