Chapter Policies



Board Meetings:

Central NY Chapter Board Meetings are not open to the general membership.

  • Confidentiality is to be maintained at all times by all Board members, scribes or members who come before the Board with business.

Board Structure/Flex Model:

 The following pattern maintains the flex model from its inception in this Chapter:

  • President serves one year at a time and no more than two consecutive years, per LPGA Amateur Golf Association Bylaws pertaining to Elections.
  • 2 years staggered- (incoming) election year that ends in odd year (i.e. November 2019): Finance, Member Services and Events.
  • 2 year staggered - (incoming) election year that ends in even year (i.e. November 2020): Membership Recruitment, Communications/Marketing and Leagues/Education.


    Chapter Bank Account Access and Financial Management: 

    The Central NY Chapter will adhere to the following financial best practices:

    • There is a minimum of two elected board members who have signing rights to all Chapter Financial Accounts at all times.
    • Checks should be made payable directly to vendors.
    • A debit card, assigned to the Chapter bank account, will be held by the President.
    • No ATM transactions, explicitly cash withdrawals, will be enacted with the debit card.
    • No Board Director or Chapter member may incur a liability of the Chapter, of more than $200 for any activity or event. Any exception must be approved by both the President and the Finance Director, in writing, in advance of the purchase/payment. Any occurrence of accepting liability should be the exception and not the norm.
    • Check issuance is completed by dual signature of the President and the Finance Director.
    • Requests for all checks must be made by the responsible Director, in writing, as soon as known and include a quote, bid or other documentation from the venue of the amount due to be paid.Receipts must be received by the responsible Director and be furnished to the Finance Director at the conclusion of the event/activity/purchase.
    • Itemized expenses, with receipts, should be provided electronically (when possible) to the Finance Director within 14 days of the expense/closure of the event/activity/purchase.
    • Monthly financial reporting to the board includes a full report of all income and expenses, as received, by the Finance Director.The President should receive and maintain a copy of the monthly bank statement.
    • Expenses exceeding $300, regardless of being approved prior in the annual budget approval, will require Board approval- to be completed at the same time as the event approval.
    • Consider an independent third party that conducts an annual audit or appoint an internal “audit committee” of 3-5 persons who would review the deposits and disbursements.
    • Upon installation of a new President, Finance Director and Board Director’s, change all bank signatories and online passwords for the Chapter’s financial accounts, Chapter email accounts and web-based accounts.Passwords will be changed when Directors change.
    • President shall sign all agreements of the Chapter.Contracts should be used as a last resort and only when necessitated by a venue.


    Chapter Cancellation Policy (Due to unsafe weather) & Rain Checks:

    After play has commenced, cash refunds will be given only if the golf course agrees to refund the chapter.

  • Rain checks may be issued by the course to be used at a later date by the golfer, independent of a Central NY Chapter event.
    • This is an individual golf course policy.


    Chapter Document Retention Policy:

    Under development by the LPGA Amateur Golf Association.


    Chapter Event Release and Indemnification Agreement:

    Any non-member participating in any LPGA Amateur Golf Association- Central NY golf related activity is required to sign a Release and Indemnification Agreement. 

  • Forms are to be made available by the responsible Board Director, at any event where non-members can participate.
  • Non-members need only sign one form for the year, which is then kept on file with the Chapter by providing them to the Finance Director.
  • LPGA Amateur Golf Association- Central NY members automatically acknowledge this form when they join or renew their national membership.


    Chapter Refund Policy: 

    To receive a refund the registrant must contact the event coordinator, by the closing date noted in the registration. 

  • When the registration is paid by credit or debit card, the Central NY Chapter will issue a refund minus any transaction fees charged by the charge card company (i.e. Paypal, etc.)


    Chapter Registration Policy:

    Participation in any Central NY Chapter golf event, league, educational series, or social function requires pre-registration using the required form and payment process.

    • Information and payment must be received prior to the posted deadline.
    • Last minute registrations may be approved at the discretion of the responsible Board Director, in conjunction with communication with the venue.


    Consent to Use Photographic Image Release:

    Registration and attendance at, or participation in, LPGA Amateur Golf Association- Central NY events and activities constitutes an agreement by the registrant for LPGA Amateur Golf Association- Central NY’s use and distribution (both now and in the future) of the registrant or attendee’s image or voice in photographs, videotapes, electronic reproductions and audiotapes of such Chapter events and activities.

  • The dissemination and/or distribution of images to outside agencies are to be approved by at least two Board members.


    Drawings and Raffles:

    Chapters should never conduct raffles unless they strictly following the guidelines established in their state, which may require obtaining a gaming license and/or hiring a games manager.

  • According to IRS guidelines, there is a distinct difference between drawings and raffles.Raffles are considered gaming and depending upon how your drawing is conducted, it may or may not be considered gaming as well.
  • Local and State Laws define gaming and determine whether gaming is permitted.Chapters should never conduct raffles unless they strictly following the guidelines established in their state, which may require obtaining a gaming license and/or hiring a games manager.
  • Please note that LPGA Amateur Golf Association and each individual Chapter is incorporated in their respective states as a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit corporation and NOT as a 501(c)(3) which is reserved for charitable organizations.
  • Per basis established above, the Central NY Chapter will refer to all such activities as drawings.


    Guest / Non-Member Participation Policy:

    Guests and non-members are invited to participate in Central New York activities as detailed in each category below.

  • Guests/non-members will be charged a higher fee than members at these events.
  • A guest/non-member may not participate in more than three (3) Chapter activities in the same calendar year.
  • Guests are required to join the Central New York Chapter in order to attend a fourth event during the year.
  • Tracking of guests/non-members is completed by the Director of Member Services.
  • Activities:
    • Golf Events: Guests/non-members are welcome to participate in events when noted in the event announcement.
    • Leagues:League play is open to LPGA Amateur Golf Association-Central NY members only.
    • Educational Clinics and Programs:Golf Education Programs are open to non-members, when noted in the event announcement.
    • Non-Golf Functions: Guests/non-members are welcome to attend social functions.


    Use of Chapter Funds: 

    Board members act as trustees of the organization’s assets and must exercise due diligence to oversee that the organization is well-managed and that its financial situation remains sound.

  • One of the main fiduciary responsibilities of board members is to maintain financial accountability of the Central NY Chapter.
  • The Central NY Chapter Board can use Chapter funds, with Board approval, to offset some board costs, such as attending LPGA Amateur Golf Association Leadership meetings, trainings and orientations and for those occasional Chapter transition meetings, training and planning sessions.
  • The Central NY Chapter will not use Chapter funds to purchase beer, wine or alcohol as this adds to the risk and liability of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association and Central NY Chapter.



Effective:  June, 2019



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