Chapter Leaders
Like all LPGA Amateur chapters, ours runs entirely on volunteer power - members willing to commit their time and talents serving on our board and/or committees to create a membership experience we can all enjoy, year after year. If you're a member, you can volunteer! It's a great way to get involved, make friends and make a difference for our chapter.

We're pleased to introduce our Board of Directors and other chapter leaders for 2023. The board term runs Nov 1-Oct 31, and board meetings are the first Tuesday of each month (Jan-Oct). To learn more about how you can get involved or to make suggestions or comments, email one of the leaders below or


Mary Ann Robinson
Finance & Records Director
Marcia Norrgard
Golf Events Director
Cheryl McGinnis
 Membership Director
Evelyn Seibel
Renae Bringman
Golf Programs Director
Sheri Lynne Gunnari 
  Board Secretary
Barbara Darling Bracken 

 Other Chapter Leaders

Assistant Director-Golf Events
Tami Bringman
  Assistant Director-Golf Programs
Lisa Hayes 
  Education Manager
 Handicap Manager
Jeanne Biggerstaff
  OGA WIP Captain
Suzy Off 

Chapter Sponsors & Partners