Birmingham Chapter
Chapter Policies
League Play :   A series of scheduled tee times, set up at area golf courses. These dates occur during the week and on weekends. Members pay the golf course directly. 

Golf Events:
  Activities scheduled for people to get together and play the same course at the same time. These can be set up using different golf formats, all of these will be fun events, and SOME my have more of a competitive emphasis. 

Social Events:  Normally non-golfing events but can combine golf with a social time. Also includes beginning and end of the year celebrations, new member socials and member networking events. 

Educational Opportunities:  Golf clinics or classes that provide education and player development opportunities for members of ALL levels. Arrangements and/or discounts MAY be made with local instructors to provide lessons for members 

Registration:  Participation in any function requires pre-registration and payment by the method indicated on the announcement. Registration procedure and payment method is disclosed to members via email and/or posted on the chapter website. Information must be received by the posted deadline. Any last minute registrations must be approved by the coordinator of the event. 

Refunds:  Registered members must contact the coordinator 5 days in advance of the function to cancel and receive a refund. The chapter will return the check payment or dispose of credit card information. Refunds will always be net of any administrative costs. Refunds are NOT available if the Chapter has already made payment to the facility. IF THE CHAPTER cancels an event, refunds will be given. Inclement weather cancellation will be determined by the golf course. Event Coordinator will work with the course to determine if players receive rain checks. 

Guest/Non-member Participation: Guests and non-members are invited to participate in Chapter activities as outlined below. However, a guest/non-member may not participate in more than 2 events in one year: 

Golf Events:  Guests are welcome to participate but will NOT receive the LPGA Amateur Golf association discount given by the golf course. If the event is a member/guest event, then the same rate applies. The Chapter will define events as member/guest or member only. 

Educational Events: Open to non-members at a slightly higher fee. Social Functions: Guests are welcome at social functions. 

Reimbursement of Expenses:  For reimbursement of budgeted expenses, a check request form must be completed. Check request form and receipts will be sent to the treasurer for reimbursement. Non-budgeted requests for reimbursement must be approved by the Board and then procedure followed. 

Reimbursement is provided for leadership training and annual conference. Members who receive this reimbursement are expected to attend the class.