What is the New World Handicap System (WHS) all about?
Many golfers are still getting used to all the changes to the rules of golf that took effect in January 2019, and now there’s another change—this one to the handicap system.

The World Handicap System (WHS) brings six different handicap systems together into a single set of Rules for Handicapping, enabling golfers of different abilities to play and compete on a fair and equal basis, no matter how or where they play. In addition, a consistent global course rating system has been implemented to allow a player’s handicap index to be portable from course to course and country to country.

One of the reasons to regularly post your scores into a Handicap System is to track your progress. Another reason is that establishing a Handicap makes it possible for fair competition between players of different ability, whether it’s in competitive matches, a friendly wager between friends, or a skins game with money on the line just like the Pros! To put it simply, handicaps are equalizers. 

  • Learn about the new  HANDICAP system here.
  • With the new handicap system in effect Jan. 1, 2020, it is very important to post your scores daily, since your score will affect all the other scores' adjustments played on the same course that day.
  • In the new handicap system, your maximum score for a hole is DOUBLE OVER YOUR NET SCORE for that hole. If you enter your score hole by hole on the LPGA Amateurs Web Site (link above), this adjustment is automatically made for you. If you only enter your total score for the game (not recommended), you have to do this adjustment yourself.
Take your time and ask us anything - we are here to help! 

A great resource for Handicap information is the GHIN website, click the logo below and review at your convenience! 

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