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GUEST RELEASE FORM - updated October 2020

Unfortunately, due to COVID, we have had to cancel this year's Cal Cup. Watch for future info on the 2022 Cal Cup.

Review of the Cal Cup 2020 Qualifying Process:

June 2nd, 2019

  1. Qualifiers: Have 6 qualifying Match Play events for Cal Cup 2020
    1. Kick off at Arrowood on July 21st
    2. Virtual Round August/September
    3. In person round October 20th Course TBD
    4. Virtual Round Nov/December
    5. Virtual Round January
    6. Final in person round early February 2020 at Sycuan
  2. Rules: All qualifying events would need to be played using Match Play rules, although participants will be allowed to ‘finish the round’ after their match concludes
    1. If playing Matchplay, these players will NOT participate in the other game of the day or Virtual League in order to ensure players follow Matchplay rules and scoring
  3. Requirements: to play qualifiers
    1. must have a verifiable handicap
    2. must have played in a minimum of 3 LPGA Amateurs events during the past 12 rolling months before each qualifier
    3. must be signed up as a ‘willing participant’ to attend the 2020 CalCup (April 25/26) at Sycuan
  4. Points allocation: At each of the 6 events:
    1. Win = 4 points, Tie = 2 points, Participation/Loss = 1 point
    2. Tie breakers / placement of names in the ranked list will be based on quality of wins which will give more credit to wins/ties than the participation points
  5. Pairings Procedure:Once we have the list of participants for the season, we will identify current indices (using the July 1st revision as a starting point) and rank the group in ascending order.All players will play the participant whose handicap most closely matches their own who is also attending the event and the two players have not previously been matched together.
    *At the July 21st Arrowood round only, we may also control that the players on each of the four LPGA Cup teams are playing against members from other teams.
  6. Leadership :to ensure continuity and refresh the captain role from year to year
    1. Beth Davidson will continue to be the Captain for the 2020 season
    2. Captains should serve a 1 year term, with their pick of Assistant Captain taking the role in the following year
    3. Stacey Hayashi will be Assistant Captain in 2020, and then roll-over to Captain in 2021
    4. Both Captain and Assistant Captain will have secured spots on the team, with the Assistant Captain gaining a spot for the following year
    5. Both Captain and Assistant Captain will participate in the qualifiers as active members of the team.In the event of odd numbers, these players will be the first ones to play guests or circulate on the course for coaching
    6. The captains will be responsible for
      1. Planning and executing the qualifiers
      2. Working with the CalCup team to register and disseminate information to players
      3. Provide coaching and advice
      4. Communicate standings as soon as possible
      5. Set up practices once the team has been announced in early February
      6. Coordinate admin such as travel logistics, uniforms, etc
  7. Alternates:There will be declared alternate spots, (based on the point system) in case any team member needs to cancel, with the Captain going down the ranked list in order
  8. Timing:
    1. June 1:Kick off of 2020 Season
    2. July 21st – 1st Event
    3. Oct 20th – 2nd Live event
    4. Feb 2nd TBD – Final Event At Sycuan – Team Announced
    5. Late Feb – 1st partner practice – 9 holes better ball / 9 holes alternate shot
    6. Early March – Practice round against OC
    7. Late March – Practice singles at Sycuan (against who???)
    8. Early April - Practice singles at Sycuan (against who???)
    9. April 25/26 Cal Cup 2020