San Diego Chapter
Renewing Your Handicap Registration for 2020
It's that time of year again - with a twist.  We have lots of different kinds of members, so find the heading that most fits your situation:
If you keep your GHIN handicap with us...
Our renewals used to be for calendar year and we would hunt you down to re-pay us with a check. New this year:
1)    Your renewal is 12 months from when you join/renew - so you can do this anytime, not just for January 1.
2)    You can renew online, by yourself, with a credit card and no nasty emails from us hounding you for a check.
3)    How to renew online:
  1. Go to
  2. Click "renew" on left hand side
  3. Search for "LPGA Amateurs San Diego"
  4. Click "Renew now" $36
  5. Put in your GHIN number
  6. Check the information and hit CONTINUE
  7. Payment info - Purchase
If you have a GHIN handicap with another club...

You can always continue to use your GHIN from another club.  If you are not an active member of that club, you might want to consider switching your GHIN to our eClub.  It's just $36 a year.  You can also add us as a club and get a small rebate for being a multi-club member. 
If you have a GN21 handicap that comes free with your LPGA Amateurs membership...

This will be the last year that the LPGA Amateurs uses the GN21 system. Everyone will need to move to GHIN. Why not do it now?
First time setting up GHIN with us:
1)   Go to
2)   Click "join" on the left
3)   Click "full membership" green box "pick a club" on left
4)   Find a club "by club name" - type in LPGA Amateurs - San Diego 
5)   In the middle right click "join now $36 a year"
6)   Answer the questions to start a profile:
a)    Have you ever had GHIN number - most likely you have NOT
b)    Name & Address stuff
c)    Please select membership level - regular $36
d)    Billing info - pay by credit card - and pay now at the bottom - purchase
**Once you set it up, work with Beth Davidson to transfer your last 20 rounds onto the new system.
If you don't yet have a handicap...
Email for more information or follow the instructions for the GN21 audience above.